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I think ICANN – Domain tasting to change. 0

I think ICANN – Domain tasting to change.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has voted to change a process that turned “Domain tasting” into a real big issue for many domain customers. The group agreed that it should change how the 5 day grace period on registering a domain name works. The grace period was to give people a chance to remit if they made a mistake on purchasing a domain name. It was also a chance to give a business time to do some market research on the name. But will this be the answer, or will this cause more headaches for legitimate domain purchasers? Domain tasting is a term cooked up to define the grace period of a domain purchase. Let’s say a customer wants to register “”. They purchase the name, in which they have 5 days to turn around and say “I made a mistake and don’t want...

Episode 18 1-30-08 1

Episode 18 1-30-08

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Google – what happened to less spam? 0

Google – what happened to less spam?

I read an interesting article today on Tech Republic. Poster Tim Malone noticed that at his company in a 30 day period, out of the 12 million emails received, 96% was marked as Spam. Not unusual, but it counters an earlier article back in December where Google mentioned how Spammers are giving up. So does this mean that is wrong, or are Spammers just becoming seasonal and getting the bulk mailing out of the way? At the beginning of the year, Barracuda Networks claimed that 95% of all email in 2007 was Spam. Except in this case, Tims’ company was 1% over the average. And of course, we are only in the first month of 2008 so this may average out better by June or July. Still, can we really expect Spam to dissipate in the future?

Yahoo, Google, Geekazine and OpenID. 0

Yahoo, Google, Geekazine and OpenID.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt’s a new day at Geekazine as today we implemented a new system called OpenID. On Jan 30th, Yahoo will also be implementing OpenID. There are many different sites out there with OpenID signatures. What is it and how is it going to affect your web browsing habits. OpenID is a new ideal to bring Web 2.0 sites together. When the pre-cursor to web 2.0 started, you had to create a profile on each blog or forum to participate in the site. This can mean many hassles – remembering passwords (especially since some sites wanted more characters than others, or had other special requirements), emails back and forth to get your password back, CAPTCHA, and most annoyingly, filling out all the forms just to set up a profile.

Episode 17 1-23-08 0

Episode 17 1-23-08

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Episode 16 11608 0

Episode 16 11608

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Vinyl Making Comeback? 0

Vinyl Making Comeback?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS608-205-4378 [email protected] Time/CNN reports about Vinyl making a comeback. Reality is Vinyl has never really left.

5 minute show Ep1 – 1-11-08 2

5 minute show Ep1 – 1-11-08

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Where is DRM going? 0

Where is DRM going?

I remember when I got my first MP3. It was 1999, and I was pulling it from a P2P site that doesn’t exist anymore. That, well, and the entire collection of photo shopped Brittany Spears pictures. Back then, rights were being trampled and we did it because we didn’t know better. Nowadays, we have people right and left telling us that downloading music is not legal. Some people have turned to legal methods of music acquisition – 99 cents per song, or through a subscription service like Napster or Rhapsody. Others decided to take their chances and continue downloading and trading music. And because of this, companies have begun the attempt to curb the illegal download of such music. But as they did that, both artists and consumers rights were getting trampled, which lead us to ask the question: Does DRM actually work?

Episode 14 1-02-08 3

Episode 14 1-02-08

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