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Windows 7 on Netbooks:  Hold on to Your Wallets? 0

Windows 7 on Netbooks: Hold on to Your Wallets?

The Guardian speculates that Windows 7 on new netbooks is likely to come in the “starter” or “standard” version–that is, only three apps can run simultaneously. Unleashing a more versatile version of Windows 7 will cost an upgrade fee. Read the full story here. According to the story, the starter version can be upgraded for the cost of a pizza dinner for four. I used to have a family of four (before they up and grew up); taking them out for a pizza dinner was a significant expenditure.

Twitter – I Don’t Get It 0

Twitter – I Don’t Get It

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by Gotoassist – 30 Day Free Trial at I just don’t get it – This is the line I heard today from a fellow IT person. He then proceeded to say “The younger people do it more. I guess it’s not a part of my generation”. Wait a minute. I remember an article that says older people DO like twitter. But they are not staying on twitter. So who is right?

Podcast Ep 84 4-29-09 – On the Road to CMS Expo 0

Podcast Ep 84 4-29-09 – On the Road to CMS Expo

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSComing from Evanston IL. Take the Geekazine Podcast Survey Heading to CMSExpo next week with Andy McCaskey and the crew. Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: Put Your Financials into order – Edward Jones All Show Notes are also on Delicious

Rolling Back 0

Rolling Back

Bloomberg reports that the ill-fated merger of Time Warner and AOL may finally get unraveled. Read the full story here. At the time of the merger, I was still using AOL. I had three reasons: I spent a lot of time in dial-up country in those days; I always felt like AOL, though not the cheapest, gave me good value for my money; and I supported their crusade against spam and spammers (they were in the forefront of pursuing spammers in court).

Guest Host on TPN Weekly 0

Guest Host on TPN Weekly

This week I was the Guest Host on TPN Weekly, a new weekly podcast for the Techpodcast Network. I gave a small sampler of the Quickcast and Podcast and a little more. To check it all out, just go to the link: TPNW-2009-04-27 #2 TPN Weekly with Geekazine

Week In Tech History – 4-27-09 – iTunes Store Launches 0

Week In Tech History – 4-27-09 – iTunes Store Launches

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by GotoAssist Express – FREE 30 Day Trial. April 28th 2003. With 200,000 songs and a eye on the music market, Apple launched the iTunes Store. At that time, the Windows version was not out yet (had to wait until October 17th of that year), but the first week alone they had over a million sales. Other items of note – the first computer mouse and the first Windows mouse. We also saw the Sasser Worm come up and Google’s IPO.

MP3 FM Transmitters – Video Review 2

MP3 FM Transmitters – Video Review

This weeks review we look at MP3 FM transmitters. Apple is rumored to have an FM Transmitter in the newest version of iPhone. We talk about the likeliness of that, while also talk about some great alternatives. iRock VR3 iTrip Auto Universal Plus iSimple Media Wire

“Take 4.5 Gals. Mineral Oil and Call Me in the Morning” 0

“Take 4.5 Gals. Mineral Oil and Call Me in the Morning”

High school student builds computer cooled by mineral oil. Everything is submerged except the power suppy and the harddrives. Read the full story here: When Brandon Glorioso told his teachers he was going to build a computer inside a fish tank filled with liquid, some of them said it would never work. Two weeks later, he proved them wrong. Glorioso, a senior at North Carroll High School, is already playing games on his custom computer, which he built entirely out of spare parts he had lying around the house. The only cost he incurred was $94 for a 4.5-gallon bottle of mineral oil to fill the tank.

New Look of Geekazine 0

New Look of Geekazine

Today, we launched the new look of Geekazine. Hope you like it. We still have a couple glitches to work out, nonetheless, you will see the site is more organized and hopefully easier to read. If you have any questions or suggestions, fill out the Comment form on top. Or comment below. This was the “Secret” page BTW. Dorkazine will be going through some similar changes, along with a new site TBA soon.

The Metaphysics of Conficker 0

The Metaphysics of Conficker

Bruce Schneier, writing in the Guardian, attempts to use the Conficker scare to illustrate larger lessons in human psychology. In particular, he wonders why Conficker led to global cyber-panic, at least among Windows users, whereas other, equally or more dangerous malware passes almost unnoticed almost every day. Frankly, I think his reasoning is a bit over the top, but it’s still an interesting read. The full column is here. An excerpt below the fold:

How I Made It – Bitstrips 1

How I Made It – Bitstrips

The other day I decided to play with the Beta version of CamStudio. The new beta version seems to be more stable and very useful. I like it a lot. What I decided to do was record this week’s Bitstrips – a how to model. I created a simple face on the site. However, I used a method a lot of Bitstrippers are applying. It’s called the “Moon Method”, or what I like to call “Moonwalking”. Basically, you use the Moon Prop to create art. The best part about this program is that you sometimes have to find ways around the art to create what you want. A good example was last weeks’ Segway article. And of course, this weeks Moonwalking comic. It’s not much the picture as it is the accompanying video. The background music is by a band called “Sunspot“. It’s my favorite SS song –...

Management Shake-Up at MySpace 0

Management Shake-Up at MySpace

Dewolfe is out. No one else is in–yet. Read the full story at Bloomberg. An excerpt: DeWolfe co-founded MySpace with Anderson in 2003 and ran the ad-supported company for almost four years under Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Former Facebook Chief Operating Officer Owen Van Natta is likely to replace DeWolfe, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D Web site reported yesterday. Facebook passed MySpace as the top social-networking site last year. “They are disappointed that MySpace hasn’t kept up with the competition,” said Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group, a digital media consulting firm. “MySpace has really dropped off and instead of being the leader, it’s the laggard.”

The Post Office Should Offer an Email Solution – Quickcast 1

The Post Office Should Offer an Email Solution – Quickcast

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThe Quickcast is Brought to you By GotoAssist Express. Go to for a 30 day Trial The Post Office is a dying beast. Once the beacon for our communications system, it fights tooth and nail to keep going. Proposed cutbacks and possible less days of delivery are haunting this Public Service. So maybe the Post Office should start doing the one thing that is making them obsolete. Electronic Mail. The idea of delivering messages and items from one person to another has been around since the ancient Pharaohs. From messengers that travel by horse, on foot or via ship – the transferring of written information became a vital part to being informed and ultimately, powerful. If you were a King, you had messengers ride to give news of battles, events or just personal notes.

Why Not To Tech Just Because You Can 0

Why Not To Tech Just Because You Can

Guy Browning in the Guardian. Read the whole thing here. It’s a hoot. An excerpt: I’m told that the new Jaguar has an electronic lady on board who will introduce herself when she thinks you might be running low on petrol. She has a seductive throaty note (much like the new diesel Jaguar XF) so male drivers may not notice for a while that they are actually being nagged by their own car. In truth, she is mild mannered compared with the harridan in the satnav (that’s Brit for GPS–Frank). It’s a pretty sad fact that almost half the drivers on our roads are now being continually bullied by an electronic tapeworm with a spatial superiority complex.

Podcast Ep 83 -4-22-09 – Recording issues 0

Podcast Ep 83 -4-22-09 – Recording issues

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThe Podcast Machine didn’t want to work today. Got the show out nonetheless. The Sony ACID Music Studio 7 really helped with that. Well have the new site look hopefully by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone that has been taking the survey. If you haven’t – it’s only 10 simple questions. Thanks! Take the Geekazine Podcast Survey Heading to CMSExpo next week with Andy McCaskey and the crew. Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: Put Your Financials into order – Edward Jones All Show Notes are also on Delicious

Does “ISP” = “Internet Service Pickpockets”? 0

Does “ISP” = “Internet Service Pickpockets”?

The New York Times looks at the efforts of U. S. ISPs to institute tiered pricing plans. Read the full story here; it appears to be an excellent, unbiased analysis. An excerpt: Cable executives say the issue is not competition but cost. People who watch or download a lot of movies and TV shows use hundreds of times more Internet capacity than those who simply read e-mail and browse the Web. It is only fair, they argue, that heavy users should pay more.

Week in Tech History – 4-20-09 – Do You Yahoo? 0

Week in Tech History – 4-20-09 – Do You Yahoo?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by Gotoassist – Support Smarter – 30 Day free trial Apr. 25th, 1996 was the day that Yahoo started putting ads on TV. They ran a spot on David Letterman, Saturday Night Live and episodes of Star Trek asking one question – Do you Yahoo? The successful ad campaign spawned many a version of that commercial. Ultimately they dropped the question and just had the Yodel “Yahoo!” on the commercials run. Other items of note: Windows XP64 and Windows server 2003 were released. Dell says they’ll put on XP after the June 30th cut off date and Gateway 2000 drops the ‘2000’. Lots more on the Quickcast.

TPN Roundtable – 4-18-09 – 4PM EST

TPN Roundtable – 4-18-09 – 4PM EST

Today’s Roundtable will start at 4PM EST. Mike Smith, Todd Cochrane and Myself on: # PC Performance Enhancement # Audio Streaming and TPN site improvements in the works # Mixer selection for Podcasts. Free TV : Ustream

The Pirate Bay Verdict, Reprise 0

The Pirate Bay Verdict, Reprise

While listening to a story about the Pirate Bay verdict yesterday evening, I started to wonder where the entertainment industry gets its estimates of “lost revenue due to file sharing.” One of the witnesses for the recording industry testifying in the Pirate Bay case said that file sharing costs the recording industry “billions.” I am certain that the number is inflated. More than that, I would bet two of my computers that there is a knowingly flawed assumption behind it. Why? It is to the entertainment industry’s PR interest to make itself out to be the poor victims here, even as they fly to the trials in their private jets.

Twouble with Twittles 0

Twouble with Twittles

Bloomberg reports on gathering clouds in Twitter Land. Aggressive attempts by companies to use Twitter to market themselves are turning Twitterers off and fostering the growth of third-parties to help Twitterers control who can follow them. Read the full story here. The story goes on to describe some of the actions Twitter is taking to combat this.

Ashton Kutcher, CNN and Oprah Winfrey – Breaking Glass Ceilings 1

Ashton Kutcher, CNN and Oprah Winfrey – Breaking Glass Ceilings

Ashton hit 1 million – he was the first – on Twitter. Oprah is at 83,000. CNN, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama and Shaq are those who make the top list of Twitter Followed profiles. It seems Twitter is getting us closer to people we see on Radio, TV and Movies. You can find out what someone is doing from wherever you and they are. You can use your computer, phone, mobile device or mental telepathy – if you have an API written for it. Then there is the chance that you might reply to @aplusk. Then you can say “Ashton talked back to me.” Well, maybe it’s his assistant who’s job it is to watch the twitter account. Even though Ashton is following 73, he can see all the @ replies. There are those who are trying to find a way to get more followers. The best...

Pirate Bay Verdict 1

Pirate Bay Verdict

One year in jail and fines. Read the full story, including a discussion of the larger legal implications, here. The four founders of The Pirate Bay, an online site for free sharing of music and films, were found guilty of contributing to copyright infringement and sentenced to one-year prison terms each.Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundstroem received their sentences in Stockholm today, according to a district court statement. The court said the defendants will have to pay compensation and damages of 30 million kronor ($3.6 million), compared with the more than 100 million kronor claimed by prosecutors. Jeff’s Thoughts: This was the expected verdict and I agree with it. While privacy does come into play here, I think the Pirate Bay could have done things to curb piracy. It’s a touchy subject, but Pirate Bay could have monitored downloads on it’s own and...

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips 1

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips

It’s gotten really obvious that soon, unlimited Internet will be the thing of the past. As we get into faster speeds, it will be easier to download more and let friends connect up to download more. In the next 2 years the average persons’ internet usage will go up significantly. This cap hurts those who work hard to keep you entertained on the Internet. While you won’t just get disconnected (well, unless your a Comcast customer), you will find the Internet will mimic your cell phone plan – overage fees to total in the hundreds or even thousands depending on what you do. It might even affect little mom and pop shops like Geekazine. Think about it. If you ration your internet, you might find sites that have all the content you need and not specialty stuff. Even a site like Bitstrips can see some loss in users...

Another Blast from the Past: MS in Anti-Trust Case in Europe 0

Another Blast from the Past: MS in Anti-Trust Case in Europe

MarketWatch reports that Microsoft is in trouble in Europe for Internet Explorer. Again. Or is that still? Read the full story here. Here’s an excerpt: It was a complaint from Opera that spurred the European Commission to issue an objection in January to Microsoft’s practice of tying its Internet Explorer browser to its dominant Windows operating system.

Why Apple Should Make OS X for the PC. 1

Why Apple Should Make OS X for the PC.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOn Apr. 14th 2008, Psystar came onto the scene with a machine that let you have Windows or Mac OSX installed. It got a lot of publicity and also lawsuits from Apple. A year later, Psystar is not only still going, but is the pioneer to those that want to put OSX on their PC. So why should Apple fight it? The Quickcast is brought to you – Get your FREE 30 day trial. Listen to the Audio Podcast, Read the story or do both.