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Is Snapchat Liable for this Car Accident?

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Morning Geeks! Episode 3: – New Lara Croft for Upcoming Tomb Raider – Nintendo NX First Look – Is our Future Blue? – Playstation Lamp – Support the Spaceballs LEGO campaign – New Dr. Who Companion Announced – Nathan Fillion Heading to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – New Shows on Netflix – Coming out this week: Keanu, Ratchet & Clank, IMAX A Beautiful Planet and the 20th Anniversary edition of Independence Day – Is a Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 4 Possible? – This Weevel Beetle is called “Chewbacca”. Find out why! – A Star Trek Coffee Table Pinball Machine. The best Geek gift you could get me!   Finally, we look at how a Snapchat filter caused a wreck at 100 MPH. Should Snapchat be held responsible?

NewTek Open Source NDI Standard for Video Production

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn a video production environment, spreading out tasks between computers can help in many different ways. From producing the video for public consumption to creating archive and even monitoring systems. Network Device Interface (NDI) is a standard that can bridge devices together – and you don’t even have to own a Tricaster. While at NAB, I talked with Phillip Nelson of NewTek about this open standard. NDI was announced back in 2015 to communicate with devices over Gigabit Ethernet. A standard that almost all corporate and video production buildings (even home studios) have. The idea is to have one computer send video or other items over to the production machine without having to convert or render. The end result is a reduction in production workflow. Many different programs have already adopted NDI into their systems. You don’t even need NewTek products...

Saramonic Camera Audio Mixers and Microphones

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSA couple months ago I purchased the Saramonic Smart Mixer for my phone and have been happy with the results for covering live shows. While at NAB I stopped by the Saramonic booth to find out what other great products they have for my video and audio production on the go. Turns out Saramonic has a lot of great audio solutions – wired and wireless. I started with the SmartMixer 2 channel Audio Mixer Kit for iOS or Android. As I was recording via the device, you can hear how this cuts out background noise to get the interview. I looked at a very interesting microphone for GoPro cameras for $35. They also have lavaliere microphones if you do vlogging or simple on-camera spots. I then went over the large array of DSLR Camera Microphone Pre-Amps, such as the SR-AX101. You can...

Warcraft, Jason Bourne, RIP Prince and Stephen Hawking

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Back from NAB, Live show took three takes, but it’s in the books. Morning Geeks Episode 2 – RIP Prince, Chyna and Doris Roberts – Magnificent Seven gets a reboot, USA Today has photos – Apple Macbooks get an upgrade and the color Pink – Warcraft trailer drops – Three’s Company to be rebooted into a movie – Jason Bourne trailer drops – Netflix prices increase for those grandfathered in – Was Snapchat’s 4/20 filter a good idea? – Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day – Stephen Hawking packed Harvard to talk about Black Holes – Robot Buddhist Xian’er

Nokia Ozo Camera Broadcasts Live 360 Video

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCapturing 360 video got a whole lot powerful with the Nokia Ozo 360 spherical video and 360×360 surround sound. Everything from creating movies to live broadcasts can now be captured and streamed for all to see instantly. I got a chance to talk with Guido Voltolina, Head of Presence Capture at Nokia to learn more about this powerful camera. While it looks like some alien pod getting ready to decend on the earth, the Ozo is a 360 camera that can be attached to a stand, drone, or other device to stream and record events. During NAB, Ozo was live streaming in 3 different spots around the convention center. Not only will the Ozo capture 360 video, the system contains “spatial audio mixing”. Tags are placed on the musicians so as they move, you can hear it in binaural audio. This...

DJI Osmo with Z-Axis Gimbal at NAB

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSDJI added to their new Osmo 4k stabilization gimbal with the Z-axis attachment. For an additional $129, you can get this for your Osmo. It adds the ability to reduce vertical shaking for a more stable video. I took the Osmo with Z-Axis for a run and the iPhone video was very solid. Using the joystick to move the camera around, the new Z-axis can keep you moving. It also allows for re-positioning so you can run the camera across the ground or way up high. Get the Osmo here. Z-Axis is $129.  

NAB Show

Geekazine Partners with Full Compass for NAB Coverage

This year I am really excited as I will be partnering with Full Compass to get some great NAB action. Full Compass is your one-stop place for music, camera production, lighting, and more. Full Compass has been around in the Madison, WI area for over 40 years. They offer over 700 top equipment brands for professional musicians, sound engineers, broadcast stations and more. Led by Johnathon and Susan Lipp, Full Compass has a powerful online ordering system and a personal staff for your ordering needs. Mine rep is Joel and I have worked with him in many occasions. Recently, I purchased a Yamaha DTX 502 Drum Module for my electronic kit. Six months ago he got me a great deal on a BlackMagic ATEM. I will be creating videos with Full Compass for Panasonic, Sennheiser, Canon and Sound Devices. You can follow along at

Does the Blackberry PRIV Give You the Blackberry Experience?

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBlackberry phones were popular because they were meant for business. Their security features were better than any other phone at the time. Some CEO’s would lose their minds if they didn’t have it. Even President Obama had to have a Blackberry over an iPhone 10 years ago. Fast forward to today. Blackberry broke down and created the Android version called PRIV, hoping it would bring those CEOs back. I got this phone from my friends at Verizon Wireless to find out if they accomplished the job. Let’s look at the specs. This is an Android phone running the Qualcomm 8992 Snapdragon 808 Heza-Core processor at 64-bit. An Adreno 418 GPU at 600 mHz and 32 GB Flash memory, upgradable to 2 TB. The phone runs a display of 2560×1440 – or 1440p. The screen size is 5.4″ and has a 24-bit...

Star Wars Rogue One, Captain America Civil War, and Loch Ness on Morning Geeks

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI’m implementing a new live show called “Morning Geeks” – the weekly show of geek culture. It will be live every Friday Morning around 8:30 AM EST – 5:30 AM PST. The show will be news based, but will have extra segments as the weeks progress. Morning Geeks Episode 1 – AMC Theaters allowing cell phone usage – Passengers Sci-Fi thriller – Has the Loch Ness monster been found? – Rogue One Trailer hits – Why C3P0 has a red arm – First images of Baron Zemo for Captain America: Civil War – More on the Government’s hack to the San Bernadino iPhone – Tesla gets a new Easter Egg – The Vape FaceSwap

Sengled Pulse Solo Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Light Bulb

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSTurn it on, turn it up. That is what the Sengled Pulse Solo LED bulb is all about. In this world of connected light bulbs, we expect our appliances to do more than they were originally meant for. The Pulse Solo is a perfect example – It’s an LED light and a Stereo Bluetooth speaker all in one. Using a standard Edison 26 or 27 screw socket (with a B22 socket version as well), the Pulse Solo can be used in almost any light around the house. THe light itself puts out 550 Lumens with a color temperature of 2700k in a 105 degree angle from the top of the bulb. It only takes 9.5W for the light, and 12.5 W using the speaker. The 3 Watt JBL stereo speaker can be connected with any Bluetooth device and controlled using iOS...

Workspace Lift35 Improves Your Desk Adding Adjustable Height

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI remember when I had to move from desk to desk not only at work, but also at home. While office desks might have ability to be height-adjusted, home desks are a fixed height because they are also your kitchen table or the old desk in the basement. That is why I love the ErgotronHome Workspace Lift35 Desk – It’s an addition to your desk that adds multiple tiers, along with the ability to raise the table and stand at your desk. I have been a fan of the Ergotron brand for years. Having the Workfit D Adjustable Desk and the dual monitor mount, I can move my desk around without major issue. ErgotronHome is the consumer version of the company which gives home offices the same abilities to work. Back at CES, I talked about the ErgotronHome Hub27 mounted desk which is great for...

Silicon Cowboys: Documentary on the Rise of Compaq Computers

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at SXSW I was invited to see the documentary: Silicon Cowboys. This is the story of the rise of Compaq computers in a time where IBM ruled the land. It’s important to understand that if it wasn’t for Compaq and their battle against the giant in the 80’s, we might not have the technology advances of today. Tech Geeks will get a rise out of all the adverts within the documentary. Some will even relive the 80’s and 90’s when Compaq was at it’s prime. For me, I remember back to the day my uncle walked in with a Compaq portable computer, set it up on the table and turned it on. That is really the day I knew how hooked I was on computers. This David-vs-Goliath documentary shows how Compaq built their own personal computer without stealing any secrets...

Find a Lifetime Job You Love with Elevated Careers by eHarmony

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWe all hate looking for a job, but sometimes we look because we hate the job we’re in. Going to job sites can be as frustrating as filling out your taxes. eHarmony works on getting you the perfect relationship, now they are taking their algorithm to help you find the perfect job with Elevated Careers. “For years people have been calling themselves the ‘eHarmony of jobs’, and they’re not,” states Dan Erickson, Director of Special Projects. “We figured we might as well be the eHarmony of jobs because we’re going to do it right.” Get your job right, you'll get your life right. @elevatedcareers #geekout A photo posted by Jeffrey Powers (@geekazine) on Mar 30, 2016 at 4:53pm PDT Dr. Neil Warren came out of retirement 3 years ago to reorganize eHarmony. He brought on Dan Erickson and Dr. Steve Carter...