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Famebit: Adam Hendle Talks Sponsorship, Google (Youtube) Acquisition, and Site Changes

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFamebit is a great way for YouTube creators, Twitter, Instagram channels, and more to make extra sponsorship dollars. Simply browse the listings and send proposals to those companies looking to promote their products. I sat down with Adam Hendle, General Manager at Famebit, at Vidcon. We talked about the Google (YouTube) acquisition, and if that affected how Famebit conducts business. The service is going through some changes, including a new website, iOS, Android, and a more pro-active sponsor search service. Adam also talks about the extensive community this service has around it. Creators collaborate, help out, and embrace the group. I can tell you first-hand that is true, for I have used Famebit to get sponsors myself. For more information, check out

SmallHD Focus External Monitor with Visibility in Daylight

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs a sole camera operator in my travels, I find it difficult at times to see the camera screen. The new Canon M5 screen doesn’t articulate right, so sometimes I have to frame a videos, then trust it’s position. If I had to do a close-focus shot from a lens, that could definitely go south. SmallHD makes video monitors for your camera. Not only ones that allow you to position for yourself, but also ones that add extra features so your camera shot is the best it can be. With a full touchscreen, the 5 inch Focus is for the Vlogger or Video podcaster like myself. About the SmallHD Focus The Focus will show you a 720p resolution video, 294 PPI, and 800 nits. This allows for viewing the screen even if the sun is beating down on you. The camera...

GripGear Motorized Slider with 360 Attachment for Small Cameras

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSliders are great ways to get more motion out of your camera without having someone physically sit there moving the camera. Most sliders are pretty expensive – especially ones that are remote controlled. But GripGear is working to make a slider affordable for everyone. Best part – the device can do more than just slide across a rail. GripGear as a Slider The GripGear Motorized slider is a single aluminium rail with teeth. The until will work it’s way down the track until it hits the end, then starts it’s way back. You can adjust the speed and direction through a pad on the unit, or through a simple remote. GripGear as 360 Video Unit Remove the gear box from the slider and add the top attachment. Now your device will do 360 shots. A GoPro and universal phone mount is included....

Cam Caddie Lightweight Handle Helps Stabilize Video

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCameras are getting smaller and harder to grip at times. If you are trying to get video at cool angles, it’s harder to hold the camera and keep it stabilized. That is where Cam Caddie can help. Their lightweight handles allow you to not only hold the camera in positions that keep you upright, but also add lights, microphones, monitors, and even a second camera to get a backup shot. I checked out the Scorpion EX at Vidcon. This device can hold my Canon M5 camera without issue. The Rode camera mic could actually get positioned closer to the interview subject. An amazing system and the price was too good to not purchase one ($59.99). You can get a Scorpion EX here.

Using an iPad, Tonebridge, Tabs, and iRig Stomp when Playing Your Guitar

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you’ve played guitar, you’ve seen other’s guitar pedal rigs. A big box filled with pedals and power cords so they can get the right sound for a song. But what if you could jam that all into one pedal? What if I said you can with an iPad, two apps, and a single pedal? You can then play your guitar and make it sound as close to the actual artist as possible. My guitar setup Simply put, I have an iPad Pro 10.5 (2017 model). Inside are two apps: Tonebridge, and Tabs. Both of these apps are made by Ultimate Guitar. Tonebridge App A simple app that turns the tone of a song into a simple pedal. Want to play “Stairway to Heaven”? Maybe some “Back in Black”, or “Purple Rain”? Just choose the pedal from the list. Each pedal...

Geekazine is Attending Vidcon 2017: with Tips for you First Timers!

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI will be at Vidcon 2017 to not only learn, but pass on my knowledge of creating online content. As a podcaster and video creator with 10 years of social experience, I am excited to grow my presence and build the skills I still lack. Geekazine Offers Some Tips for Vidcon Here are my tips before heading out: Know the Lay of the Land – Did you know there is a Target only 4 blocks away? Great place to get supplies if you need them. Especially rain ponchos. Shuttles are the Best Transportation – Cabs and Uber can become expensive from the Airport. You can get on a Shuttle to your hotel for a lot cheaper. Keep in mind to book 24 hours in advance. Charging – I bring a lot of batteries. The one I rely on most is my...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover Vegas 2017 Blogger Coffee Talk Live Stream

We’ll be live streaming the Blogger Coffee Talks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (June 6,7,8). All times are PST June 6th 10 AM – What’s HPE’s Strategy and Vision 10:30 AM – HPE Pointnext: Meet the Experts 12:00 PM – The Machine & Memory Driven Computing 4:30 PM – Fireside Chat with HPE Storage June 7th 9 AM – Changing the Game with a Next-Gen Campus Core 10:15 AM – HPE & GE Digital: Bringing IoT to the Edge 11:00 AM – Future Cities Putting IoT to Work for Citizens and Government 1:30 PM – Hyperconvergence, Composable Infrastructure, Cloud: Accelerating Digital Transformation 3:30 PM – A New Generation Computer Experience 4:45 PM – HPE Vision for the Data Center June 8th 9 AM – Amplifying Human Capabilities: Blending Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence

Netgear Nighthawk x10 Smart WiFi Router Pros and Cons

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThe Netgear Nighthawk router is an 802.11ad router with a lot of power. In the short while I’ve had it, I have been impressed with the connectivity, along with the fact it actually can pull more bandwidth off my Internet modem. Let’s geek out over all the pros and cons. PRO of the Nighthawk x10 The Nighthawk x10 has a WiFi speed of 7.2 Gbps at the 802.11ac and ad levels. You can connect up to 20 devices, along with 6 Ethernet ports connecting up to Gigabit Ethernet, and 1 10 Gbps LAN port. 2 USB 3.0 ports allow for external drives or other device to enhance the router’s storage and power. 4 High-Performance Active Antennas allow for a large splay so you can access the Internet from a good distance. Performance to your Internet connection might see a small boost....