Set Up Your First Podcast – Madison Podcasters Group


I started a group a couple months ago to not only get podcasters interested, but also have existing podcasters get together and talk about different aspects. I decided that if it’s a meeting about Podcasting, it should be a podcast itself. Therefore, we recorded the first Madison Podcasters Group Podcast.

I decided that since isn’t really a centric item and there is a lot of good , then it will be added to the . It will also have it’s own group, too.

The subject of the first podcast group – how easy it is to set up and make a podcast. We talk in general about setting up a mic to a computer and recording it, how much it’s going to cost you and how difficult it really is to set up a podcast.

There is some information out of this . The sound is a bit ‘hummy’, I have tried to work out the noise. It is chuck full of some material, so please bear through the hum and check out the .

month’s meeting will be: How to host your podcast. 3-03-09

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