Week in Tech History – 7-06-09 – Major DNS issues


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July 8th: In 2007, developer Dan Kaminsky found a flaw in the addressing of the Domain Name System, or DNS. DNS is found on home to commercial around the world. The issue was so severe, that they were not divulging the issue until a patch could be implemented on a wide scale.

On March 31st, Kaminsky – along with 16 other – gathered at to work on a massive patch and synchronize the release so all details could be released as well. Today was the day that patch was released. also released patch MS08-037 on the Windows side to counter the issues. , and BIND fixes would come out shortly after.

Other historical notes: The first Sundae was created (Ok, geeky note). ’s from the Netherlands. Captain and Tennile on a TI99/4a. Check out the Podcast for all the info

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