Contest: AMD Radeon R7-250 Video Card

Jeffrey Powers - @geekazine

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30 Responses

  1. Ethan Reeves says:

    I’d use this to upgrade my HD 4850.

  2. Austin Hone says:

    gl everyone :)

  3. Ahkren says:

    I’d use it to build a small form factor gaming PC for the family room.

  4. MBGrammer says:

    I’ll take the card to my handy dandy PC builder and ask him to design a system worthy of it.

  5. TwoDollar50ty says:

    I’ll use this as an extra card. Wouldn’t mind that extra powerrr

  6. Toasticus says:

    I’d give this card to a friend of mine who is using a Radeon HD 3450.

  7. Tabrellik says:

    Yeahhhhh I’m running off a Laptop with Intel HD 3000 graphics… Planing on building a PC so that I can actually start to go semi-pro (Eventually pro) in SMITE. barely achieving 30 fps on a good day and then having massive drops in frames every few minutes is really keeping me from that. I don’t have all the money right now and I don’t need a beast PC because I’m fine playing the game on the lowest settings, I play for the game not for the looks. Please I would love this.

  8. Dustin Adams says:

    Hope I win!

  9. Altiris says:

    It’ll be better than integrated graphics on my computer heh.

  10. Anarion says:

    Looks great for a mini-itx or micro-atx case.

  11. commanderxp90 says:

    I’ll upgrade it to my PC from 7750 HD when I win something special. :)

  12. @BAZ00KaNuk3 says:

    I would build my bro a descent gaming pc for his birthday in a couple of months.

  13. Lucas Huang says:

    I would use this card as a replacement for my aging (very) 9500GT :)

  14. Iqbalone96 says:

    The one thing that is missing from my PC is the graphic card! This is my first gaming desktop so i really hope i can get my hand into one of these. Really appreciate a giveaway like this. Helping the needy.

  15. jbui0824 says:

    Id buy for my brothers budget gaming pc

  16. Paul Causton says:

    Could do with a nice upgrade from my old 4870×2

  17. Janettwokay says:

    I’d use the card to upgrade my current system. My kids love to game and they’d appreciate a more responsive system.

  18. tyler2k says:

    Have a desktop without a video card, would love to win the r7 250

  19. JimLimProject says:

    I have a newly built i7 Desktop with no GPU in it. I think it would work out quite well in it.

  20. Abhishek Prusty says:

    Gaming !!

  21. Ma Nuel says:

    I would have to test the card first,but maybe I can use it as upgrade for my HD5770.

  22. dmwsmiley says:

    update my system

  23. Edward Young Jr says:

    I’m currently using my Integrated GPU in my AMD A10 6800 APU which I think equates to a Radeon HD 6750. If I won I would use the MSI R7 250 as a dedicated card and possibly crossfire it with my A-10 APU.

  24. Peter Dwyer says:

    I would upgrade the family computer that is slowly dying off it has an ATI Radeon Graphics Card one of the originals.

  25. Jase says:

    I would love this card, would make my games look so much better.

  26. Amaan says:

    ill use the card to record videos for my future channel.

  27. Smooth says:

    I’d use this to upgrade gf’s computer to this millenium’s standards :)

  28. Abdul says:

    to pump out pure polygons with some opengl hugs

  29. Marcus says:

    How does the R7 250 compare to a 7850?

  30. German Lopez says:

    I’d use it for some hardcore gaming, BF3, BF4.

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