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How the NFL is Using Microsoft Surface for Games – CES 2015

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:21 — 195.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS You might have seen the lot of tablets on the sidelines. Microsoft Surfaces in not only coaches but also players hands. That is how the teams are reviewing plays – getting away from the printouts. I talked with Beth at CES Unveiled about how Microsoft Surface was being used. They have created a cart system that allows the surface devices to be stored and charged along with kept cool or warm in extreme temperatures. The cases are built to be waterproof and can...

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Gibson 2014 Lineup – 120th Anniversary Guitars at CES 2014

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 8:15 — 96.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Aljon and I go way back when it comes to CES. It was great to see what he and Gibson are up to for 2014. Of course its the 120th anniversary of Gibson, so we get treated to a special line of guitars with a lot of great tech that’s been added! Gibson’s tent at CES was not only filled with great guitars, but all the Gibson staff were dressed up in Sci-fi attire. Aljon was dressed as Dr. Evil. Earlier in the...

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Chevy Turns the Car into a Full Wifi Hotspot, Adds App Shop

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:38 — 88.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS While at CES, I stopped by the Chevy booth where I found the Hotspot car. This is a Chevy vehicle using the OnStar system to turn your car into a full hotspot. Your car even has its own phone number! Chevy also showed off their app shop — an app enabled store where you can get automobile-centric apps like Pandora, Glympse and even (if you need to find a hotel). Chevy has 12 apps right now with more coming. Chevy also has...

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Vuzix M100 Smart Glass for Industrial, Medical, Personal Use

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:18 — 95.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Obviously, I own Google Glass. Vuzix has their very own wearable modern technology in the Vuzix M100 Smart Glass. I had to see exactly what their glass was different from mine. Vuzix has been around for years with wearable technology. Their M720 is a headset you can use to watch video and not disturb people around you. So when they got into the Glass market, it was a perfect fit. Tailored toward commercial or business usage, the M100 snaps into a pair of...

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Geekazine at CES 2014 in Pictures #throughglass Part 1

From setup to teardown, I was at CES 2014 snapping everything I was looking at with my Google Glass. New technology, great events, a look at Las Vegas and some of the celebrities that I saw and met. I took over 500 pictures #throughglass, so here are some of the best photos I snapped. (a 3 part blog post)

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Christopher Lloyd (as Doc Emmet Brown) Wearing My Google Glass -CES 2014

During a long day of taking interviews, I had the opportunity to see an actor that not only was part of my pop culture, but also my Moms. An event that became epic for me, as Christopher Lloyd dawned my Google Glass. Christopher Lloyd – known for his iconic roles on the TV show Taxi, then the hit movie franchise “back to the future” was a guest at CES through Gibson. Dawning the Doc Brown persona, Lloyd showed up in the iconic Delorean equipped with Mr. Fusion. As Lloyd was posing for pictures, I realized he was missing something. So...

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Living In Digital Times Brings SMB to CES

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:03 — 141.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS I got to talk with Robin Raskin, a former PC Magazine editor, who wanted to bring lifestyle items to CES. Medium size companies Digital health, aging solutions, sports and more. They represent real people that have real products. For example, Canary is a sensor that will tell you temperature, noise detection, and also allow you to do things like unlock doors for people, see whats going on at the house and more. Another product is called Kurio – a phone for kids that...

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Ford Developer Program – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 16:49 — 329.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Ford Electric motor Business opened their app program to all developers at CES 2013 The startup platform is called Uplink it is a collection of innovation that works with Connect to Sync. This program has gone through two years of pre-release screening making use of such apps as Pandora however now it levels to all designers. It should level to North The united state, Europe and China by the end of the year. Ford has actually hired individuals from the mobile business function...

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Neat Digital Filing System: Digitize Your Paper Documents – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:21 — 280.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS The Neat electronic filing system assists you arrange your invoices and files. It is a complete system including both software and an equipment scanner. There are a lot of means you can easily receive the information into the Neat system. You may scan the information in. You may email digital invoices using your Neat e-mail address. You could make use of the Neat app on your iPhone or android phone and take a picture of the slip and upload it to the Neat...

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Zensorium Tinké: Vitals Monitoring – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 9:46 — 187.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Tinké by Zensorium measures heart and breathing rate, blood oxygen values and heart rate variability. It assembles the heart price, respiratory fee and blood air level info in to a rating called the Vita Index. The Zen index makes use of the heart rate irregularity to quantify your stress degree. It is a small tool, 1.65 long inches by 1.26 wide by.0275 deep which matches effortlessly in to a pocket or purse. It functions by plugging it in to the apple iphone and then...


StickNFind: Bluetooth ID Tagging System – CES2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:34 — 274.8MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS It’s just about unheard of for a crowdfunding project on IndyGoGo to increase 10 TIMES the objective – however StickNFind has actually set the record with thousands of thrilled people hanging around to obtain their hands on the item. It’s easy to see why. The system is founded on a mobile phone app that takes a “James Bond” style radar view for any item that has a Stick N Locate tag fastened to it, and beeps as you acquire closer and closer to the item....