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( is a online comic building website. Bitstrips started in 2008 and since has created many interesting comics. Bitstrips has a vertical site in Bitstrips for Schools, which gets students involved in creating content. Make comics, share with the public, where they can laugh or groan at it. The Bitsrips community is pretty broad.

Geekazine Fact on Bitstrips:

Jeffrey Powers started using Bitstrips after seeing it by Chris Pirillo. His brother, ThomasSilly, is a top Bitstrips producer. Jeffrey also has created some great Bitstrips comics and even documented on YouTube including the creation of Duke Nukem on Bitstrips.

Morning Coffee: Then and Now – Bitstrips 0

Morning Coffee: Then and Now – Bitstrips

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Bitstrips. Today I was inspired. Me and my brother really enjoy going to breakfast every now and then. What was better – there was a restaurant that actually had Wi-Fi access. Therefore, we both would take our laptops and surf while eating. That was two weeks ago. Now we have smartphones that have wireless access. Of course, I have the iPhone 3GS and he has the Blackberry 8330. So why do we need the Notebooks? Heck – we can go to any place that serves breakfast because the Wi-Fi access selling point is null. The only thing we cannot do is run any program that requires Flash. That means no Bitstripping while at breakfast with the phone. So we still need the computers and access at one point. That is, until we get netbooks with 3G access….

Let the Phone Wars Begin – Bitstrips 0

Let the Phone Wars Begin – Bitstrips

The next few weeks are going to be do or die for the Palm Pre. With it’s release of June 6th, we will see if this new phone from Palm is going to be able to stand up to the Apple iPhone. Especially when the new 3.0 version comes out by the end of the month. iPhone has had a very strong showing. It knocked down Motorola’s RAZR and brought the world of Smartphones to the forefront of mobile technology. You can pretty much do anything you need on the phone from take photos, to record and listen to music, check mail and even turn your life over to this amazing device. That is, if you can afford the mobile plan. Palm has been around for over 10 years in handheld organizers. There have been some reorganizations of the company – changing to PalmOne, for example. Nonetheless, Palm...

Geekazine Podcast Ep 89 – 6-03-09 – Homeless edition 0

Geekazine Podcast Ep 89 – 6-03-09 – Homeless edition

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSShorter show because still at the old Place. I’ll tell you why – TVazine videos doing well – Weekend in Grand Rapids – Summer of Geekazine Contest going on. Win an Epson Artisan 700. Take the Geekazine Podcast Survey Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: Put Your Financials into order – Edward Jones All Show Notes are also on Delicious Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News) Android II – T-Mobile announcement Apple Sued – Actus has Electronic Tokens Kindle buys E-INK Google’s new Search Appliance News from E3 –PSPgo –Wii Pacemaker – Everyone wants to be a Wii – Natal JOTW – Three lead programmers of Google decide to jump ship and apply at Yahoo. They tell...

Finish the Strip – Bitstrips 0

Finish the Strip – Bitstrips

This week I thought I would do something different for Bitstrips: A Caption Contest. It all started when I got the weirdest text message on my phone. I searched the Acronym database for what it could mean, but was stumped. Sometimes I think people are TOO lazy. Nonetheless it got me thinking – what would be the strangest SMSA (SMS Acronym) that you could get. Would you lol or say wtf?

Podcast Ep 88 – 5-27-09 – Last Week Here 0

Podcast Ep 88 – 5-27-09 – Last Week Here

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLast week in this place. I ate a lot of Brats this last weekend. Goodbye to friend ‘Supergirl’. Show Prep on Google Docs. Still need an iPhone App developer. Take the Geekazine Podcast Survey Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: Put Your Financials into order – Edward Jones All Show Notes are also on Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News) Lenovo S12 on ION Kumo or Bing – Microsoft in a transition The 10 TB Disc – All your music and movies on a DVD Win 7 Netbook Strategy Rethought iPhone Painting on cover of New Yorker Hulu LIVE – Dave Matthews Concert is the first Aneesh Chopra CTO – Senate approves Apple Accepts Eucalyptus –...

Moving – Bitstrips Style 0

Moving – Bitstrips Style

This week it’s all about packing and moving. Got the living room all straightened out. The Kitchen was easy. The bathroom just needs to be cleaned. But what could be left? OH YEAH. The computer stuff. It becomes an interesting ritual of what I am going to keep and what is going to Goodwill. Computers themselves are not accepted there, so I have to find other means for them. Really, the best thing is to strip them and dispose of them in a proper mannor. I thought at one time of turning motherboards into things like art and clocks, but then I realized with all the harmful chemicals on a motherboard, would that be wise? Plus I would have to take time to build clocks and I really don’t want to do that. The most interesting thing is the cables. You know – you needed that one special...

Duke Nukem – Bitstrips 0

Duke Nukem – Bitstrips

This week I take Bitstrips to a new level and give a proper send off for the game Duke Nukem. 3-D Realms closed it’s doors last week. Although I don’t think it will keep the next version of the Duke Nukem franchise down (After all, Take Two Entertainment still owns rights to it), it will definitely add to the “Wait” time of the newest version of game. We’ve been waiting since 2001. Duke Nukem was best known for Topping Year end Vaporware lists of Duke Nukem Forever as the “Game that never was”. There was some resurgence this last year, but that all ended when 3D Realms said they will be closing the company due to the economy. Therefore, in tribute, we give you the Duke Nukem: Bitstrips style. Better yet, here is the video on how I created the strip.

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips 0

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips

Commandment #1 – Thou shalt maketh thine iPhone App compatible doth 3.0 versions…. OK, it does make sense – If you make an iPhone app or if you want to keep the iPhone app in the store, you must update it for the new version of the software. For some, it may not need any real updates – just someone to test and say; “Yeah, it’s 3.0 compatible.” It does get frustrating when you look through something like Firefox plugins and see an add-on that hasn’t been updated in a very long while. Even the plugins for this site: sometimes you have to watch what you install, or else you might just break the system. Therefore, we submit this: These 1 Bitstrips for you all to obey… or at least get a chuckle out of.

Twitter Novelists – Bitstrips 0

Twitter Novelists – Bitstrips

You only get 140 characters. How do you get your point across in that amount? Well, sometimes, you have to make some sacrifices. Great becomes Gr8. Punctuation sometimes is taken out. message names and hashtags are implemented. Proper grammer is – well, not proper twitter. This weeks Bitstrips takes us to Twitter U, where you can learn all the cool terms the kids are using today.

How I Made It – Bitstrips 1

How I Made It – Bitstrips

The other day I decided to play with the Beta version of CamStudio. The new beta version seems to be more stable and very useful. I like it a lot. What I decided to do was record this week’s Bitstrips – a how to model. I created a simple face on the site. However, I used a method a lot of Bitstrippers are applying. It’s called the “Moon Method”, or what I like to call “Moonwalking”. Basically, you use the Moon Prop to create art. The best part about this program is that you sometimes have to find ways around the art to create what you want. A good example was last weeks’ Segway article. And of course, this weeks Moonwalking comic. It’s not much the picture as it is the accompanying video. The background music is by a band called “Sunspot“. It’s my favorite SS song –...

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips 1

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips

It’s gotten really obvious that soon, unlimited Internet will be the thing of the past. As we get into faster speeds, it will be easier to download more and let friends connect up to download more. In the next 2 years the average persons’ internet usage will go up significantly. This cap hurts those who work hard to keep you entertained on the Internet. While you won’t just get disconnected (well, unless your a Comcast customer), you will find the Internet will mimic your cell phone plan – overage fees to total in the hundreds or even thousands depending on what you do. It might even affect little mom and pop shops like Geekazine. Think about it. If you ration your internet, you might find sites that have all the content you need and not specialty stuff. Even a site like Bitstrips can see some loss in users...

My New GM Segway – Bitstrips 0

My New GM Segway – Bitstrips

I got a Segway… and you didn’t…. Well, not really. But wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the new GM Segways proposed? You could really be tooling down the street, lookin cool, having everyone look at you. This Segway seems a little more feesable than the stand up model. Only problem is if you have to haul anything more than a briefcase and your are pretty much out of luck.  Not to mention if it starts to rain or snow. Still, to be able to tool around in a Segway would be cool . Hopefully it will be part of GM’s future. Then again, it could be a puff of smoke as a hardware version of Vaporware. Nonetheless, here is this weeks Bitstrips – My Segway.

Old Ideas Meet New – Bitstrips 0

Old Ideas Meet New – Bitstrips

I don’t watch too much too much TV anymore. I just have a few shows I want to keep up on. A lot of that is online anyway – I just have to wait a few hours and BAM! I am watching all my shows. My TV is still an older 27″. No VCR, DVD or Tivo attached. I am usually too busy to even watch a movie and I am good with that. Not that I am knocking anyone that does watch TV, I just have pretty much taken it out of my life. If I want to watch sports, I usually want to watch with friends, which means going down to the local tavern. We don’t need the theatre experience. When I do watch TV, I cannot believe how many times I still have to see the DTV conversion ticker. Our area did the smart thing...

Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas 0

Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas

It was a Double Whammy this week. Earlier, one of my favorite play websites – Bitstrips – celebrated a 1 year anniversary. At the same time, Thomas – author over at Dorkazine – celebrated a birthday. It was a lot more than a year and we won’t say how old he is, only that he achieved the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (If you ever read Hitchhiker, you’ll know).

Waiting for Rock Band – Bitstrips 0

Waiting for Rock Band – Bitstrips

Getting back into the regular swing of things – this week we focus on the Rock Band. It apparently will not be as hard to get on the game system as it was to get into an iTunes library. Still, September 9th is the magic date. So get those drum sticks ready, polish up the boards and here they come – the Beatles. Well… soon…. ITM – here is a little Bitstrip I created for the moment

Monster Hack – Bitstrips 0

Monster Hack – Bitstrips

So got hacked again. Although there was no credit card info captured, they did get enough info to call or email you and make it sound pretty darn legitimate. Of course, you are encouraged to log in, change your password (don’t make it the same as your email btw) and check to make sure your information is correct. I have completely changed my resume. Anyone need a Podcaster? This week’s Bitstrips is about the hack. If you notice, Monster had moved on from the Monster “Monster”. Maybe he’s become a disgruntled Monster? Maybe this Monster will take retaliation? HMMM….

President Barak Obama’s Blackberry – Bitstrips 0

President Barak Obama’s Blackberry – Bitstrips

It was a struggle for power, but in the end, the Democrat won this battle – sort of. President Barak Obama got to keep his Blackberry for email purposes. Of course, the security on this device is high – don’t expect to hack into his Yahoo mail. In this weeks’ Bitstrips, we take a look at the Presidents’ Blackberry.

Getting Ready for Vegas – Bitstrips 0

Getting Ready for Vegas – Bitstrips

One thing that has been stressful is trying to get all the items I need to record a bunch of video at the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of the stuff I needed I had to order online. However, with some delays I’ve been waiting for these products in the mail. While I’m sure it will show up in time, it’s definitely concerning me right now. This weeks Bitstrips we talk about the trip. Because of the trip, there may not be a Bitstrips next week.

The Day After – Christmas – Bitstrips 0

The Day After – Christmas – Bitstrips

We all love getting the gifts. But when that one gift is just not what you wanted, you have to go to the store and get something to replace it. We all seem to want to go to the store the day after the holiday to do that.

iPhone vs. Android vs…. Blackberry Storm? Bitstrips 0

iPhone vs. Android vs…. Blackberry Storm? Bitstrips

Last Sunday I was at a dinner of local geeks. The big thing was Abrahams’ new Developer G1. Besides the iPhone and the G1, I was the only one with a Windows PC Smartphone. So I actually made that comment and it actually went down this way. Don’t worry. I am not buying a Blackberry Storm.

Computer Hacking – Bitstrips 0

Computer Hacking – Bitstrips

Still not 100%. Yeah, I should go to a doctor. A lot of Nyquil and Cough Drops for me. ITM, I’ve got to get back to work. Got to get back to…. ZZZZZ. Huh? oh. Here’s this weeks Bitstrips:

Geekazine Sings the Holidays – Bitstrips 0

Geekazine Sings the Holidays – Bitstrips

I think I could put together an album that Simon Cowell could question. Maybe someday I will put together an album of me singing all the holiday favorites. Then again, maybe not. So therefore I leave it up to Bitstrips to do that for me. This week we remember the old commercials we used to see about this time of year where Zamfir played the pan flute, Lawrence Welk conducted the Holiday album or even the barking dogs put together 12 tracks available on Album, cassette, 8-track or CD. Maybe someday those commercials will come back. In the meantime, we can put together a rendition of it.

Happy Thanksgiving – Bitstrips 0

Happy Thanksgiving – Bitstrips

Trying to get work done today so I can sleep in and eat Turkey tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a small Bitstrip I created to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day. I know that some of you don’t celebrate, but nonetheless, you should take some time out and think about what you are thankful for. I would like to thank the following people: Fred D. – CareerSaver Todd Cochrane – Geek News Central Andy McCaskey – SDR News Norbert Davis – Totally Cool Tech Podcast Mike Smith – Mike Tech Show Bwana McCall – Art and Mike – Two Guys Podcast Dustin Williams – Epic Online Paul Rj Muller – Caffination Cal Mazzara – PC/Mac Smackdown Cali Lewis – Geek Brief TV Cliff Ravenscraft – GSPN Brett Hiley – Hiweb Steven Heywood – The Tech Buzz There are so many more I could thank including all...

Hi Im A Mac – Bitstrips 0

Hi Im A Mac – Bitstrips

This week I thought I’d start poking fun at the Mac – PC ads. Yeah, they’ve been overdone like next weeks Thanksgiving turkey over at your uncle Sams. Hopefully this one won’t be filled with tryptophan and put your to sleep.

Major Website Updates – Bitstrips 0

Major Website Updates – Bitstrips

OK. It’s 4:51 AM and I am still up in front of the computer. I spent a lot of time on the site today doing major fixes and finishing the move of all the media. At 4 AM this morning, I completed the task. All 153 Podcasts are now on a new server. You should be able to get to any of the content over the last year. Since I was up, I decided to commemerate with a Bitstrip. I call it an esoteric look at re-coding. Now I am going to sleep. Good night. ZZZZZ……….