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The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips 0

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips

Commandment #1 – Thou shalt maketh thine iPhone App compatible doth 3.0 versions…. OK, it does make sense – If you make an iPhone app or if you want to keep the iPhone app in the store, you must update it for the new version of the software. For some, it may not need any real updates – just someone to test and say; “Yeah, it’s 3.0 compatible.” It does get frustrating when you look through something like Firefox plugins and see an add-on that hasn’t been updated in a very long while. Even the plugins for this site: sometimes you have to watch what you install, or else you might just break the system. Therefore, we submit this: These 1 Bitstrips for you all to obey… or at least get a chuckle out of.

Twitter Novelists – Bitstrips 0

Twitter Novelists – Bitstrips

You only get 140 characters. How do you get your point across in that amount? Well, sometimes, you have to make some sacrifices. Great becomes Gr8. Punctuation sometimes is taken out. message names and hashtags are implemented. Proper grammer is – well, not proper twitter. This weeks Bitstrips takes us to Twitter U, where you can learn all the cool terms the kids are using today.

How I Made It – Bitstrips 1

How I Made It – Bitstrips

The other day I decided to play with the Beta version of CamStudio. The new beta version seems to be more stable and very useful. I like it a lot. What I decided to do was record this week’s Bitstrips – a how to model. I created a simple face on the site. However, I used a method a lot of Bitstrippers are applying. It’s called the “Moon Method”, or what I like to call “Moonwalking”. Basically, you use the Moon Prop to create art. The best part about this program is that you sometimes have to find ways around the art to create what you want. A good example was last weeks’ Segway article. And of course, this weeks Moonwalking comic. It’s not much the picture as it is the accompanying video. The background music is by a band called “Sunspot“. It’s my favorite SS song –...

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips 1

Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips

It’s gotten really obvious that soon, unlimited Internet will be the thing of the past. As we get into faster speeds, it will be easier to download more and let friends connect up to download more. In the next 2 years the average persons’ internet usage will go up significantly. This cap hurts those who work hard to keep you entertained on the Internet. While you won’t just get disconnected (well, unless your a Comcast customer), you will find the Internet will mimic your cell phone plan – overage fees to total in the hundreds or even thousands depending on what you do. It might even affect little mom and pop shops like Geekazine. Think about it. If you ration your internet, you might find sites that have all the content you need and not specialty stuff. Even a site like Bitstrips can see some loss in users...

Castgrabber – Geekazine Video Review 0

Castgrabber – Geekazine Video Review

This week’s review is for the CastGrabber – an internet appliance that takes valid RSS feeds and uploads podcasts to your MP3 player. This video shows you a little about how the CastGrabber works. I also talk about the good and the bad – well, more of a wishlist to this Standalone Podcast downloader. One great feature of the CastGrabber is the fact you can connect most any type of MP3 player and get your podcasts. I connected an iPod, then a couple different generic MP3 players. Even my 64 Meg Creative MP3 player from 2002 worked like a champ! Price tag may be a bit much and I wished it had not only wireless, but some other items I talk about in the video. Nonetheless, it’s a great “Set it and forget it” type of item. Here is the video review for the Cast Grabber.

My New GM Segway – Bitstrips 0

My New GM Segway – Bitstrips

I got a Segway… and you didn’t…. Well, not really. But wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the new GM Segways proposed? You could really be tooling down the street, lookin cool, having everyone look at you. This Segway seems a little more feesable than the stand up model. Only problem is if you have to haul anything more than a briefcase and your are pretty much out of luck.  Not to mention if it starts to rain or snow. Still, to be able to tool around in a Segway would be cool . Hopefully it will be part of GM’s future. Then again, it could be a puff of smoke as a hardware version of Vaporware. Nonetheless, here is this weeks Bitstrips – My Segway.

Old Ideas Meet New – Bitstrips 0

Old Ideas Meet New – Bitstrips

I don’t watch too much too much TV anymore. I just have a few shows I want to keep up on. A lot of that is online anyway – I just have to wait a few hours and BAM! I am watching all my shows. My TV is still an older 27″. No VCR, DVD or Tivo attached. I am usually too busy to even watch a movie and I am good with that. Not that I am knocking anyone that does watch TV, I just have pretty much taken it out of my life. If I want to watch sports, I usually want to watch with friends, which means going down to the local tavern. We don’t need the theatre experience. When I do watch TV, I cannot believe how many times I still have to see the DTV conversion ticker. Our area did the smart thing...

Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas 0

Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas

It was a Double Whammy this week. Earlier, one of my favorite play websites – Bitstrips – celebrated a 1 year anniversary. At the same time, Thomas – author over at Dorkazine – celebrated a birthday. It was a lot more than a year and we won’t say how old he is, only that he achieved the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (If you ever read Hitchhiker, you’ll know).

I LUV U in the Snow 0

I LUV U in the Snow

At first I was going to post this on Dorkazine – since it was kinda Dorky. However, I noticed that someone took the time to turn a couple tire marks in the snow to this picture. So enjoy this picture up on Geekazine. It might just be the last snowfall of the season (hopefully).

Waiting for Rock Band – Bitstrips 0

Waiting for Rock Band – Bitstrips

Getting back into the regular swing of things – this week we focus on the Rock Band. It apparently will not be as hard to get on the game system as it was to get into an iTunes library. Still, September 9th is the magic date. So get those drum sticks ready, polish up the boards and here they come – the Beatles. Well… soon…. ITM – here is a little Bitstrip I created for the moment

UClick Has Garfield minus Garfield App for iPhone 0

UClick Has Garfield minus Garfield App for iPhone

Here may be another Application that could be downloaded, then collect dust. It’s an Application to get the popular cult comic: “Garfield Minus Garfield”. It’s a comic where Dan Walsh removed Garfield from all the comic strips. Therefore we see Jon pretty much talking to himself. What started as a humorous bit between friends turned into a big item and rebirth of the popular comic strip. Jon will now mostly be standing by himself saying things that are even more funny when there is not a cat nearby. Uclick provides humor, comic strips, manga, graphic novels, editorial cartoons, and other content for desktop, web and mobile phones. The company also produces crosswords and other puzzles.

Old, New (Netbook), Apple and a Blue (Microphone) 0

Old, New (Netbook), Apple and a Blue (Microphone)

To prove that you don’t need a powerful computer to podcast, I brought along my old Gateway Solo. It’s a PIII, 550 mHz laptop. The others were amazed of the older technology. Therefore, they decided to pull out their computers and compare size. An Apple enthusiast and a EeePC Netbook owner – Tom from YourDaily. We put all three together to compare. The one picture includes the Blue Snowball Microphone. It was the monthly Podcast Meeting.

Monster Hack – Bitstrips 0

Monster Hack – Bitstrips

So got hacked again. Although there was no credit card info captured, they did get enough info to call or email you and make it sound pretty darn legitimate. Of course, you are encouraged to log in, change your password (don’t make it the same as your email btw) and check to make sure your information is correct. I have completely changed my resume. Anyone need a Podcaster? This week’s Bitstrips is about the hack. If you notice, Monster had moved on from the Monster “Monster”. Maybe he’s become a disgruntled Monster? Maybe this Monster will take retaliation? HMMM….

President Barak Obama’s Blackberry – Bitstrips 0

President Barak Obama’s Blackberry – Bitstrips

It was a struggle for power, but in the end, the Democrat won this battle – sort of. President Barak Obama got to keep his Blackberry for email purposes. Of course, the security on this device is high – don’t expect to hack into his Yahoo mail. In this weeks’ Bitstrips, we take a look at the Presidents’ Blackberry.

Getting Ready for Vegas – Bitstrips 0

Getting Ready for Vegas – Bitstrips

One thing that has been stressful is trying to get all the items I need to record a bunch of video at the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of the stuff I needed I had to order online. However, with some delays I’ve been waiting for these products in the mail. While I’m sure it will show up in time, it’s definitely concerning me right now. This weeks Bitstrips we talk about the trip. Because of the trip, there may not be a Bitstrips next week.

The Day After – Christmas – Bitstrips 0

The Day After – Christmas – Bitstrips

We all love getting the gifts. But when that one gift is just not what you wanted, you have to go to the store and get something to replace it. We all seem to want to go to the store the day after the holiday to do that.

Happy Holidays from Alex the Dog and Geekazine 0

Happy Holidays from Alex the Dog and Geekazine

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Everything. Geekazine wishes everyone a safe and fun Holiday season. Check out Alex’s other poses on Flickr

24 Hour Podcast 2008 0

24 Hour Podcast 2008

You can watch the whole 24 Hour Podcast live on Dec. 20th 2008. Show starts at 11 AM EST, 10 AM CST, 6 AM HST. I will be on with Andy McCaskey at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 3 PM HST. We’ll be talking CES and what we’ll be doing there. The whole day will be awesome to watch. You can watch it all here, or go to

iPhone vs. Android vs…. Blackberry Storm? Bitstrips 0

iPhone vs. Android vs…. Blackberry Storm? Bitstrips

Last Sunday I was at a dinner of local geeks. The big thing was Abrahams’ new Developer G1. Besides the iPhone and the G1, I was the only one with a Windows PC Smartphone. So I actually made that comment and it actually went down this way. Don’t worry. I am not buying a Blackberry Storm.

Review of the Android G1 0

Review of the Android G1

I got to play with a Developer Android G1 on Sunday (Thanks Abraham!). It was an interesting experience and something totally different from the iPhone. Here is what I saw:

Computer Hacking – Bitstrips 0

Computer Hacking – Bitstrips

Still not 100%. Yeah, I should go to a doctor. A lot of Nyquil and Cough Drops for me. ITM, I’ve got to get back to work. Got to get back to…. ZZZZZ. Huh? oh. Here’s this weeks Bitstrips:

Free Quicken Online Service 2

Free Quicken Online Service

I know. I should use Quicken. My friends use it and it’s a great program to keep financial in line. Anything that can help me with my finances would be a big help – Then again, winning the lottery would do that, too. Intuit today announced that they have a free online service called “Quicken Online”. The idea of this site is simple: To anticipate your bills. When you sign up, you put in all your financial information. I was able to put in my bank info and my PayPal account. It then created a transaction history between the two. I could add more accounts like a second bank account, AlertPay account and a lot more.

Video Review – XShot 2.0 Camera Arm 0

Video Review – XShot 2.0 Camera Arm

In the 2nd installment of the Video Review, we take a look at the XShot – a cool little telescoping arm that allows you to take a picture of yourself or you and your friends. The Xshot is a small item so it can fit in a camera bag easily. It extends out 37 inches – Over 3 feet! To find out more about this item, check out the Video Review:

Geekazine Sings the Holidays – Bitstrips 0

Geekazine Sings the Holidays – Bitstrips

I think I could put together an album that Simon Cowell could question. Maybe someday I will put together an album of me singing all the holiday favorites. Then again, maybe not. So therefore I leave it up to Bitstrips to do that for me. This week we remember the old commercials we used to see about this time of year where Zamfir played the pan flute, Lawrence Welk conducted the Holiday album or even the barking dogs put together 12 tracks available on Album, cassette, 8-track or CD. Maybe someday those commercials will come back. In the meantime, we can put together a rendition of it.

Double Review – WarmMe Mouse AND Video Streaming. 0

Double Review – WarmMe Mouse AND Video Streaming.

Sometimes it’s cool if you can work the 7-10 split. That is what we are doing tonight with the review of the WarmMe Mouse. It’s a mouse that warms up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I also wanted to review some of the Video streaming sites out there. Therefore, I took the review of the WarmMe mouse and did 4 different versions. I took 1 take on each site and will be reviewing the results of: Stickam YouTube Mogulus uStream We will start with Stickam’s video: