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GripGear Motorized Slider with 360 Attachment for Small Cameras

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSSliders are great ways to get more motion out of your camera without having someone physically sit there moving the camera. Most sliders are pretty expensive – especially ones that are remote controlled. But GripGear is working to make a slider affordable for everyone. Best part – the device can do more than just slide across a rail. GripGear as a Slider The GripGear Motorized slider is a single aluminium rail with teeth. The until will work it’s way down the track until it hits the end, then starts it’s way back. You can adjust the speed and direction through a pad on the unit, or through a simple remote. GripGear as 360 Video Unit Remove the gear box from the slider and add the top attachment. Now your device will do 360 shots. A GoPro and universal phone mount is included. GripGear...

Cam Caddie Lightweight Handle Helps Stabilize Video

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSCameras are getting smaller and harder to grip at times. If you are trying to get video at cool angles, it’s harder to hold the camera and keep it stabilized. That is where Cam Caddie can help. Their lightweight handles allow you to not only hold the camera in positions that keep you upright, but also add lights, microphones, monitors, and even a second camera to get a backup shot. I checked out the Scorpion EX at Vidcon. This device can hold my Canon M5 camera without issue. The Rode camera mic could actually get positioned closer to the interview subject. An amazing system and the price was too good to not purchase one ($59.99). You can get a Scorpion EX here.

Geekazine is Attending Vidcon 2017: with Tips for you First Timers!

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSI will be at Vidcon 2017 to not only learn, but pass on my knowledge of creating online content. As a podcaster and video creator with 10 years of social experience, I am excited to grow my presence and build the skills I still lack. Geekazine Offers Some Tips for Vidcon Here are my tips before heading out: Know the Lay of the Land – Did you know there is a Target only 4 blocks away? Great place to get supplies if you need them. Especially rain ponchos. Shuttles are the Best Transportation – Cabs and Uber can become expensive from the Airport. You can get on a Shuttle to your hotel for a lot cheaper. Keep in mind to book 24 hours in advance. Charging – I bring a lot of batteries. The one I rely on most is my Tough...