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LIVE Show – 9-22 – Heroes and Android 0

LIVE Show – 9-22 – Heroes and Android

We started an hour early to talk about Heroes before the season premier. We talked with JoelD, who was in England and cannot see the show. The discussion then swung to getting US TV in the UK and visa – versa. Hour 2 we went right into the Android and what you can do with it. We talked about the Open Source license, the applications you can download for it and what devices you can install it on. Who will be the first to put Android on an iPhone? Hour 1 Hour 2

LIVE SHOW – 9-08-08 – Google Chrome 0

LIVE SHOW – 9-08-08 – Google Chrome

This week in the Live Show, we talk about Google Chrome, Microsoft Zune and a lot more. A question is asked about passwords in Mac and we talked about Social Networks like and how Chris Pirillo now is a part of this Group. Thanks to all for coming out and hanging with us. Hour 1

LIVE SHOW – 8-25-08 – Fantasy Football 0

LIVE SHOW – 8-25-08 – Fantasy Football

We did a lot of talking in the first hour. We went over what it takes to record an interview via Skype, a little on Fantasy Football, and New Laptops. The Second hour we talked about Woopra, played some of the interview and talked about how to review technology.

LIVE SHOW – 8-18-08 – Operating Systems 0

LIVE SHOW – 8-18-08 – Operating Systems

Once again another stellar Live show came and went. @DedRyzing, @husker_fan, @jlariviere and more joined us for a great talk about a lot of things. One big subject was Operating Systems and how we always wait for the “Next One”. We had some great websites chuck full of information, too. W3c has a great chart of OS Statistics. During the show we talked about how much storage there is out in the world. We found this site, which has a great footprint ticker. We also talked about Twitter Keywords, Cloud Computing and so much more.

LIVE SHOW – 8-11-08 – Social Networks 0

LIVE SHOW – 8-11-08 – Social Networks

This week we talk about many different subjects. The main topic is Social Networks. Which ones do you use? MySpace? Facebook? Twitter? Ning? During the two hours, we talked about Bluetooth, iPhones and PCnovice asks the question – what is the best place to go for IT training.

LIVE SHOW 7-21-08 0

LIVE SHOW 7-21-08

Once again another stellar show. We talked about Digsby, Tweetdeck, Twhirl,, Psystar, iOpentech, Palm, Xbox 360 and Smartphones. Also Debut new 5 min show – Get Certified. Hour 1

LIVE SHOW 7-14-08 0

LIVE SHOW 7-14-08

This week we had some new faces join the discussion on many topics. MicroYugo was the main topic, but we went heavily into iPhone. I went off on a tangent on my thoughts on Brett Favre and we also talked about the Tesla Roadster and FISA.

LIVE SHOW 7-07-08 0

LIVE SHOW 7-07-08

Two hours of great stuff. Slower night, but we talked about: Websites – what do you go to? Bitstrips – nominated for an award Ustream Changes – Good or Bad? Used Laptops – Should you buy one?

LIVE SHOW 6-30-08 0

LIVE SHOW 6-30-08

Great Show – Talked about a lot of stuff. Ubuntu, Top level Domains, iPhone, Digg, Sim cards, energy efficiency, IT certification, Microphones and Green Tea. Also, Hour 1 was the 100th recording on uStream. Pretty cool stuff!

LIVE SHOW 6-23-08 0

LIVE SHOW 6-23-08

Another Awesome show is in the books. We talked about a lot. Dan got a new iMac. We talked about the H2O car. We talked about websites and Yahoo Builder. We talked about recording podcasts and Audacity. We talked about turning your smartphone into a 2nd video monitor for your computer. Basically we talked about a lot of stuff. But check it out for yourself! Hour 1: Hour 2:

LIVE SHOW – 6-16-08 0

LIVE SHOW – 6-16-08

Lots of cool stuff talked about:, myspace, Google, Security, Wii Fit, Facebook, Streaming Audio, Stickam,, blogtv and a lot more. Hour 1 Hour 2