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Geekazine Black Friday Deals to Go For

This year, I thought I would do some searching and find you some great deals that will help you with your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Tuesday shopping. These are all technology-related items. If you want weird geeky items, check out the Dorkazine Black Friday deals. If you want Podcast items, check out How to Record Podcasts Black Friday Deals. Win a iPad through ZAGG Zagg is giving away an iPad an hour for the next 24 hours! Enter your name and email every hour to be entered. ZAGG’s Black Friday iPad-an-hour Giveaway Kindle Fire If you are looking for a cheap tablet to give this holiday season, I suggest the Kindle Fire HD. It’s a 7″ tablet with Dolby audio, dual band wi-fi and connected to the Amazon store. With Amazon Prime you get instant streaming of movies and TV shows, Kindle books you can check out and...


5 Years of – The Good, Bad and the Future

Do you remember what you were doing 5 years ago today? I do. I started this website. -Jeffrey Powers, It was this day in 2007 where I hit the button and started The podcast was already running (as I started it a month prior). I launched the website and did the podcast for the day. I felt it was a great launch and an exciting time for me and Geekazine. Then I got laid off from my job. It was literally the day before launch that I was called into a room and told my services were no longer welcome. I was also sick during the launch and the audio was not going my way. I took the negative focus and put it in positive articles on Geekazine. Adding the Focus section and the video (pic 1*) which I talked about tech how-to. I also started...


HP Tech Cast #6: Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOn Tuesday, Microsoft officially launched Server 2012 to the public. This was a low key launch with a landing page with keynote videos. After, we got on HP Tech Cast with a few bloggers to talk about the “Cloud OS”. Calvin Zito joins me with bloggers John Obeto, Jason Lopez and Hans Vredevoort. We talk about Virtualization capabilities, storage, and the new ReFS file system.


HP TechCast 5: From VMWorld

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis episode of HP TechCast comes from VMWorld 2012. Calvin Zito and I sit down to talk virtualization, cloud computing and more. Joining us are: Brent Sullivan (VMWare liason to HP) Brent Allen (HP) Janice Owens (Emulex) Gagan Bhatia (HP) Jacob Van Ewyk (HP)

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Winners of the iPad365 / ZAGG Package contest

At the beginning of August, we ran a contest giving away a ZAGG Sparq, Folio and InvisibleShield. Many entered and we drew 3 winners. Congratulations to John, Patricia and Brian – winners of the package valued over $200. If you didn’t win, you can still go to ZAGG and use “Geekazine” at checkout for 20% off a ZAGG Sparq. Keep watching for more contests on Geekazine. If you want to know about upcoming contests, sign up for the iPad365 newsletter.

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MyFord Mobile: App Brings Faster Charge, Route Planning for Focus Electric

Ford has been advancing the game in the technology realm. Leading the pack in turning the car into a mobile hotspot, bringing hands-free systems into the car with SYNC, and even working on giving customers value in their older cars with free updates to software. Today, Ford announce MyFord Mobile for the Focus Electric vehicles. This is a dedicated app that can link up to their cars and provide remote communication, so they can maximize utility while minimizing operating costs. More over, the app makes sure you know what is going on with your car. The new iPhone app allows owners locate charging stations, check on the charging status, and learn how to operate their new electric car better. By going to the website (, owners can learn more about their cars, and how to recharge their vehicles in half the time of the Nissan Leaf. The website also...

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Why I Cancelled Netflix and Switched to Amazon Prime

It’s really simple. I was tired of not seeing anything new. I was frustrated in looking at the new releases section on my Roku, and seeing Rescue Me there for the last 6 months. I was annoyed at playing the game “Find a movie I really want to watch”. Fact is, I stopped going to Netflix 3 weeks ago. has more variety than Netflix, and it’s free! I was watching more of my HuluPlus subscription, also. It became very apparent to me that I didn’t watch this service anymore. So I finally ditched it.


10 Things I Learned From BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012

The event is over. I am sitting in the Yotel, a very interesting hotel on the corner of 10th and 42nd street in Hell’s Kitchen part of Manhattan, New York. After 3 days of solid work, a ton of video taken, and a lot of new people I met, I have a few minutes to sit and reflect about this whole experience. It’s amazing how an event like this can really bring you closer to the people you hear about online. Because of this, I thought I would go through a top ten list of the things I learned not only being at the show, but also being a part of the show (even more than I was back in 2010). There were a lot of new faces.I polled each session I introduced, and in every session, 80% said this was their first BlogWorld & New Media Expo. It...

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NuForce Cube is an All in One Mobile Audio Center

NuForce, a high end audio line, introduced a new sound headphone amp for your mobile devices. The NuForce Cube is a portable speaker and USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). You can connect up your smartphone, MP3 player or computer to improve your listening experience. The NuForce Cube runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Per each charge, you can get 8 hours of music, podcasts, listening to Youtube videos, or whatever you listen to. When you want to recharge, plug in the USB cable to the computer (USB plug accessory available). “I’ve never been satisfied with the sound of other portable speakers on the market,” said Jason Lim, CEO of NuForce.  “So we made it our mission to create one that not only sounded great, but looked great.  Plus, we equipped it with an audiophile-grade DAC and headphone amp.  After months of R&D and critical listening, we think Cube provides...

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My 1 Share of Facebook Stock Came Today

Yes, last week, I bought 1 share of Facebook stock. The replica stock came in the mail today. I was pretty happy with the purchase, and I can say I was a first gen Facebook stock buyer. It’s all about novelty, but if this stock does well, novelty can turn to profit. Why I bought 1 share of Facebook Like I said on Geek Smack! last week – I bought it for novelty. I was too young to purchase Apple or Microsoft stock when they issued their IPO. I didn’t buy Yahoo! stock (thank god!) or Google stock when they filed. I didn’t even buy Packer stock yet. So when an event like Facebook has a stock offering, I decided to be a 1st Gen owner. The reality: I can lose $38. Actually, it was more for the replica piece of paper. But still – If this stock...

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HP TechCast Ep 2: Roundtable at ProLiant Gen8 Tech Day [Podcast]

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI was in Houston, TX for HP Gen8 Tech Day and got to sit down with a few of the bloggers and HP Enterprise Gen8 team to talk about the advantages of upgrading to a Gen8 system. We set up a panel, which included: Tim Golden – CTO of ISS americas Brandon Fears – Product Marketing manager Hyperscale Business Unit Steven Schultz – Smart Storage Peter Groth – ISS Server Product Marketing If you are a blogger that would like to be part of this event, email [email protected] or twitter @geekazine or @hpstorageguy

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Seagate Acquires LaCie for $186 Million, Increases Consumer Market Offerings

LaCie and Seagate have done business before. So it’s no surprise that Seagate has scooped up this company. Seagate has offered to purchase 64.5% of the outstanding shares of LaCie. Following approval, Seagate will add a bigger consumer line of portable hard drives to their lineup. “Seagate has a strong commitment to the growing consumer storage market and bringing the most dynamic products to market. LaCie has built an exceptional consumer brand by delivering exciting and innovative high-end products for many years. This transaction would bring a highly complementary set of capabilities to Seagate, significantly expand our consumer product offerings, add a premium-branded direct-attached storage line, strengthen our network-attached storage business line and enhance our capabilities in software development,” said Steve Luczo, Seagate chairman, president and CEO. “We are also excited that Philippe, who is a true visionary and leader in the consumer storage business, would join Seagate...

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Roku Adds DISHWorld Service to Streaming Channels

Today, OTT provider ROKU announced they launched DISH Networks DISHWorld services over the ROKU streaming set top box. This will feature more than 50 international programming channels including Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Bangla and Brazilian channels. DISHWorld enables DISH to expand its distribution of ethnic channels into markets harder to reach by satellite. “We view Roku’s extensive product distribution and established platform as an excellent match for our international content offerings as we look to develop markets that historically have been difficult for us to reach,” said Chris Kuelling, vice president of international programming at DISH. “Consumers in apartment buildings, condos and dormitories who seek ethnic programming now have an easy way to enjoy their favorite channels without the need for a satellite dish.” ABOUT ROKU:  A simple device that delivers streaming services to various HDTV’s, consoles, and Blue Ray Players. Roku Box LT, XD and XS will allow...

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9 Things You Can Do with Your Internet Connection

Almost everyone nowadays has (at one point or another) utilized their internet. The World Wide Web has truly revolutionized the way things are done. Things can be found easily these days through the aid of an Internet connection. Today, I am going to look at nine things you can do with your internet connection. After all, if you don’t use it, you could be simply missing out on the great opportunities. Booking flights online Gone are the days when people have to go to travel agencies in order to buy their tickets for flights. These days, most airline companies already have their own website where you can purchase flight tickets through your credit cards. The online ordering is hassle free and you don’t have to leave your office just to do it. You can even use sites like Orbitz , Kayak, or Priceline to find a better deal on air and...

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Mobile Gaming on the Rise, Big Business for Some [Infographic]

I talk about them on my show iPad365. You might have a few of them on your smartphone or tablet. They might be simple games – sliding a wood block around – to complex games that take you to new worlds to destroy beasts. They could even just connect you with others to show your mental capacities. These are the games of the mobile device. And they are proving to become big business for some. Companies like Zynga grow on the mobile gaming platform. They produce games that are free, and paid games. Usually, the free games come with in-app upgrades. Sometimes to turn off the iAds, other times to add levels, get more power-ups so you can do something a little faster, and more. This has all added up to big dollars for some. Just to the point that more people play games on their device than...

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HP TechCast Ep 1: Tornadoes Above SNW [Podcast]

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn the inaugural podcast of HP TechCast, Calvin Zito talks with: Ray Lucchesi – Silverton Consulting Howard Marks – Deep storage test lab Calvin Zito – HP Storage Guy Rick Vanover – IT Pro Blogger at Rickatron They talk about the Storage Networking World (SNW) in Dallas, TX. The group discusses the changing storage area, how hard drives are not going away anytime soon, and more. All while tornadoes pass right above them! That’s dedication! HP TechCast is a podcast where Enterprise professionals meet with Bloggers to talk about trends in IT. The bloggers have a chance to get questions answered and learn a little more about the new technologies coming out. If you are a blogger that would like to be part of this event, email [email protected] or twitter @geekazine or @hpstorageguy


Waze Travel App Allows for Smarter, Easier Travel

Traveling this weekend like me?  This week is one of the biggest travel weeks of the year with many schools on spring break, plus the Easter holiday.  Last trip, my family was traveling north on I-95 on Saturday from Georgia to South Carolina in route to Hilton Head Island and came to a complete stop. I thought we were going to be stuck there for hours! Fortunately, I had recently downloaded the WAZE app to my iPhone. Waze ( is a free social mobile app for iPhones, iPads, Android and most mobile platforms that aids drivers with live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation for a local commute or long trip.  It’s powered by user updates showing traffic, accidents, police cars and construction. I was able to scan ahead and see that the traffic jam went on for at least 10 miles. We were within 30 miles...

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PaySaber Makes Mobile Payment Processing Possible – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSPaysaber offers a complete point of sale solution. You can put an all-in-one mobile payment processing device in your hand, with encrypted credit card reader, barcode scanner and thermal printer. The PaySaber Point-of-Sale, PaySaber Jr, and PaySaber Clip, you will have multiple choices to connect your iOS device to accept payments. PaySaber also is high-security End-to-End (E2E) encryption. It meets PCI and PA-DSS standards. Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network. [cessponsor]

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address – Should Steve Jobs Been a Talking Point? 0

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address – Should Steve Jobs Been a Talking Point?

So I listened to the State of the Union address last night, which was pretty uneventful. There were many themes that were brought to issue. One of them is not losing jobs to overseas workers and not giving tax breaks to those who do. Yet, President Barack Obama singled out one entrepreneur for his integrity in Steve Jobs. While that was a “Feel good” moment, we have to reflect that your Apple product is not really made in the USA. Do we have a conundrum here? During President Barack Obama’s speech last night, he said: You see, an economy built to last is one where we encourage the talent and ingenuity of every person in this country. That means women should earn equal pay for equal work. It means we should support everyone who’s willing to work; and every risk-taker and entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs....

TPN Live Stream – CES 2012 1

TPN Live Stream – CES 2012

All this week, I’ll be at CES 2012 doing live stream coverage of the event. All videos will be available at Geekazine, and TPN.TV

How to Get 5000 Followers in 5 Minutes – Jon Cryer Joins Twitter… 2

How to Get 5000 Followers in 5 Minutes – Jon Cryer Joins Twitter…

Ashton Kutcher gives Twitter props to his Two and a Half Men Star Jon Cryer’s new profile. The result – 10,000 followers in under 30 minutes.

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Day in Tech History Pre-Cap: December 26th Through January 1st

Every Week, we’ll give you a Pre-cap of what will the Day in Tech History ( will be talking about. Of course, the day in tech history is a daily rundown of technology history – 365 days a year. So there is always a new podcast to listen to! You can also follow on Twitter and Check out the Google Group This is also a CC – Share Alike, so use this video for your podcasts or video shows! December 26: 1982– Time announced the Man of the Year was the Personal Computer December 27: 2001– Yahoo buys 98.6% of HotJobs stock December 28: 1895– The first movie theater opens in France December 29: 1891– Thomas Edison is granted a patent for wireless radio December 30: 2008– Gawker Media sells the Consumerist to Consumer Reports December 31: 2003– Tim Berners-Lee is Knighted January 1: 1981– The Kermit Project begins...