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My Gaming Pick of The Week: Fist of Awesome

Every week, I will try and bring you a game that I think you should check out. This week, I have chosen a game called Fist of Awesome. This is essentially a beat-em-up game. You play the time-travelling lumberjack Tim Burr(cue impending rim shot). He is on a mission to correct the timeline by punching bears (and other animals) in the face and save humanity. You can punch, kick, and do a jumping kick.  However, tapping and holding on a second of the screen releases the special move known as the fist of awesome.  You have a main story mode (with the above plot). You also have an arena mode, where you have to kill as many bears as possible in the alloted time. The reason that I picked this game is because it reminds me of the golden age of beat-em-ups in the early 1990s. It reminds...


Ford Traffic Tamer App Challenge to Help Reduce Road Congestion

Over the years, I have talked with K. Venkatesh Prasad about Ford’s open source initiative. Today, I was invited to talk with the group over a Google Hangout on the Traffic Tamer app challenge. This is a contest for the open source community to help mash data up and open streets. The challenge is to build hardware and software that can help reduce congestion in urban areas. Whether it be an app that avoids a traffic incident, a reroute if there is a situation, community ride sharing or another new idea, you will be able to submit for a chance at $10,000. Anyone can register. Maybe you are not a coder — that is OK. Put an idea together and post your ideas. You can find others that might also are interested in the idea and could turn it to reality. Ford also works with TechShop to help build...

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Why The Free-to-Play Model Has Become Popular

Everyone loves a good freebie. Because of this, a model of pricing for games called free-to-play has really taken off as of late. The idea is that you can download a game and start playing it for free. However, a developer also gives you the ability to buy certain things using real money to aid your progress in a game or unlock extra features.  To better illustrate it, let’s take a look at an example. On the recently released Killer Instinct for XBox One, the Double Helix Games and Microsoft operate a free-to-play model. You can download the “Round One”/basic package, which gives you one of the characters available for free, which rotates between the 8 available.  This also gets you all the game modes as well, so that’s quite a generous offering. You can also pay more to get all eight characters and the classic version. (The...


Part 3: Geekazine at CES 2014 in Pictures #throughglass

I sorted through 500 pictures to show what I took #throughglass (Google Glass). Within this group, we see the last couple days of CES 2014 and the teardown of our techpodcasts booth. We did over 160 booth interviews – along with a large amount of floor interviews. Here are the final photos of this week.

Geekazine at CES 2014 in Pictures #throughglass Part 1

From setup to teardown, I was at CES 2014 snapping everything I was looking at with my Google Glass. New technology, great events, a look at Las Vegas and some of the celebrities that I saw and met. I took over 500 pictures #throughglass, so here are some of the best photos I snapped. (a 3 part blog post)

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Streaming Video: Can You Host it?

In today’s Internet, streaming video is important to get your word across. I do it all the time with my shows. It can be done on your own, but should you really do it on your own? With programs like Shoutcast out there, you could easily connect your computer and run video. People would then connect up to the stream and see the video. However, if you have a limited speed internet account then only a couple people can connect to your stream. If you have higher speed internet services  as home service, watch the ISPs Terms of Service. If you are using a lot of bandwith they might inquire why. You could be determined that your use does not fall in the terms of service. Because of that, you could get your Internet shut off. You can use a service like ustream or livestream. They will either...

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Finding the Right Network Protection for Your SMB for 2014

Last week I had a friend go through a major problem with his company — a cyber-attack happened and they lost data. I remember when it happened to me years ago. We built a strong infrastructure, but one wrong move by a overactive employee set us back a few months as we had to rebuild some vital databases. When we talked about it, he thought they had the right protection. Looking into it deeper, they didn’t have any. It wasn’t a real surprise since this group is just starting out. It might even be a lucky move for them because the data loss could have been years worth of work. Around this time, I report on my Day in Tech History podcast how many hackers attack during the holiday season. Heck, we just saw Target go into a major issue with their credit card system getting hacked. Small or...

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Maker Studios Acquires

This actually happened last week, but I finally got the email this morning stating that Blip will be acquired by Maker Studios – on of the largest YouTube MCNs, with over 4 billion views monthly through 60,000 channels. The announcement went as follows: I’m excited to announce that Blip has been acquired by Maker Studios, a next-generation media company and the world’s largest multi-channel network of online video content. This means exciting things for the future of Blip and our community of talented independent producers. Your passion for creating entertaining, informative, and engaging video is part of Blip’s DNA. We want that collaborative relationship to continue. A few things that are important to clarify: the core Blip toolset (producer dashboard, video player and monetization tools) will remain the same; will continue to operate as a robust entertainment destination; and the industry-leading Blip sales team will be ramping up their sales game....

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New Look for Jeffrey Powers at Geekazine

3 years ago I chose to grow my goatee out. It was going to be for a promotion that never happened (the promoter chose not to do it). Since then, I decided to grow out the goatee. It was not the first time I did that but this was the first time I let it grow this long. Now, #3YearsInTheMaking – I decided to make the change. I took off the excess and my goatee was back to a normal length. I was fine with that until… Jennifer said “I’ve never seen you clean shaven”. I thought to myself – I went this far, I can do the rest. So I shaved it all off. I figure it’ll grow back in a couple weeks. Why not give her this look now? What Happens from Here? It’s possible I’ll grow it out again. Probably not to the length I...


How To Move a Stand Alone WordPress Website to WordPress Multi Site with Images

A few months ago I decided to switch to WordPress Multi Site. After reading the updated documentation, I felt the CMS software had matured enough to implement this option. Of course, the implementation was pretty straightforward and I had to do a lot of DNS fixing for the domains that I wanted to bring over – most of them were new websites that I easily set up. However, there are a few WordPress installations on my site that are still separate from MS. The reason why – they were bulky and moving them over might be a major pain. I was right, too. Over the weekend I decided to make one major change to Geekazine – bring the show iPad365 out of Geekazine and onto its own website. That way it can catalog better and I can customize the site for iPad365. However, it wasn’t a great experience....

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Why Kevin Rose Should be the Next CEO of Microsoft

Today, Steve Ballmer announced he will be retiring in 12 months. This was set to a lot of mixed emotion. In this world of high technology, CEOs seem to have a good exit plan – Bill Gates had Ballmer in mind when he retired and Steve Jobs had Tim Cook. Ballmer has no one in mind (that we know of). This could start people worrying about Microsoft’s direction. What Microsoft needs is s thinker. An innovator. Someone that will understand the corporate and consumer ends of technology. That is why I think Kevin Rose should be the next CEO of Microsoft. Why Kevin Rose as CEO of Microsoft? Kevin started early – creating Revision 3, Digg, Pownce and Milk. He has invested in ventures such as Gowalla, Twitter, Foursquare, OMGPOP, Square, Facebook, Chomp and Formspring. Rose took his company Milk and pretty much turned it into Google Ventures where he gets 300 million a year...


Google Glass is Back – Unboxing of my RMA Google Glass

I have already gone through 2 pair of Google Glass. The first pair – the touchpad died. The second pair started acting wonky, but I believe it was a bad power button. Hopefully this pair won’t burn down, fall over then sink into the swamp. [stock GOOG] The RMA Process of Google Glass There are two ways you can get your broken pair of Glass fixed: RMA (Return Manufacturer Authentication Credit Card Authorization With the RMA – they send you a box, you send the broken pair of glass back. This is all done via UPS ground shipping. So expect the transaction to take as long as 15 business days. Once you get your pair back, you will have to log onto the MyGlass portal and setup the new pair. You will also have to connect to Wifi so you can get the current Glass update (XE8). With...


HP Storage Tech Day: Software-Defined Storage, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce VSA Deep Dive

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn this third part of the HP Storage Tech Day, we learn more about Software-Defined Storage, then we deep dive into StoreVirtual, StoreOnce VSA and Storage Management – OpenStack Integration. All of these focused on SDS strategy. Dale Degan started by talking about StoreVirtual. He talks about the example of the new style of IT – control, data services and physical hardware to give you a programmable automation system and rich storage services. HP has been watching what is in the market and they found people are asking how they can re-use equipment or squeeze a little more out of this new system. That is where Software Defined Storage comes in. Something that is Hypervisor independent. Along with SDDS you have service refined storage – multi-tennant, virtualized that becomes unpredictable in determining storage. John Shields came up and talked about StoreOnce Backup...

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Appearance on – Madison Residents Start Using Google Glass

I was interviewed on WISC-TV 3’s and Channel 3000 about Google Glass. I sat with Michelle Li and we went over what Google Glass, how to use it, what to expect from it and more. Jennifer also helped out on the interview with a spouse’s insight. If you are wondering what Google Glass is, this segment is a great explaination. If you want to know more, check out How To Use Google Glass


Google Glass at Disneyland or the 41 Year Old Disneyland Virgin

Last week I had a great opportunity to not only cover a conference, but also fulfill a life-long dream – go to Disneyland. Since I have grown up in the Midwest, doing something like Disneyland was a pipe dream. I knew eventually I would get there – which I finally did last week. At first I thought it was going to be a one-day experience. However, one of the bloggers at this conference also worked for Disney and was able to get a few of us in during the evenings. Therefore, my first experience was on Monday. We watched the Fantasmic show at 10:30. Of course, we got to experience the Disneyland Mall, with lots of stores and cool treats. The LEGO store was really fun to experience. You can get a LEGO creation or just build something new from the wall of LEGO. My first impressions of...


HP Storage Tech Day and Nth Generation Symposium – July 29th – Aug 1st 2013

I’ll be headed back to Los Angles, CA to be part of the HP Storage Tech Day 4 and Nth Generation Symposium at the DisneyLand Hotel. First time in the hotel, it will be the closest to Disneyland I have ever been to. On July 29th, the HP Storage Tech Day will commence with Calvin Zito (@HPStorageGuy) and a merry band of bloggers. I will be there, streaming the event to YouTube. Event schedule will be up later next week. As for the blogging crew – it consists of: Nate Amsden, Nina Buik, – @ninabuik Dave Hurst, – @the_super_dave Brian Knudtson, knudt blog – @Bknudtson Ray Lucchesi, Silverton Consulting Blog – @RayLucchesi Jake Ludington, Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle – @jakeluddington Robert Novak, rsts11 (resource sharing, time sharing) – @gallifreyan John Obeto, – @johnobeto Derek Schauland, Technically Speaking – @webjunkie Bob Stein, – @ActiveWin The...

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Geekazine, Google Glass and the Week Ahead

It’s going to be a fun week here at the Geekazine studios. On Tuesday, I make the epic journey to Los Angeles for 12 hours to pick up my Google Glass. I head out 6 am and return 10:30 am on Wednesday. Then it will be lots of time around Madison showing off this new technology to the public. The schedule is going to hamper Geek Smack! and possibly iPad365 for the week. Right now, This Week in Google Glass will be recording on Wed. evening.  I’ll try to get shows out, but with everything happening I am guessing there will not be any time. Day in Tech History will not be affected. If you are in the Madison area and want to see Google Glass, feel free to contact me via Twitter @Geekazine or follow me as I’ll be trying to keep everyone updated on where I am....


How to Embed Instagram Video on Your Blog, Upload to YouTube

Watch the Video on How to Put Instagram Video on Your Blog, Upload to YouTube Last night I recorded 15 seconds of my band on Instagram Video. A fun little project, but now I want to take these videos and put them in with others I created with the band. Further, I would like to embed the video up on the band’s website. Well Instagram Video makes it easy to do. Let’s show you both ways. Embed an Instagram Video: For this, you will use Chrome or Firefox. Navigate to your Instagram Video you want to embed. You can do this in Facebook, or from the Instagram page.  Secondary Click (aka Right-Click) on the Video Choose “Inspect Element”. A frame will appear on the lower half of the screen. This is a sandbox area for web developers to test out ideas. Secondary Click the highlighted line This will be the...

Geekazine Teams Up with Red Touch Media for SXSW Coverage! 1

Geekazine Teams Up with Red Touch Media for SXSW Coverage!

I am proud to announce that Red Touch Media will be sponsoring my trip out to SXSW. Of course, SXSW is a yearly festival for music, film and Interactive (social media) to get together and network with each other. Last year, I went to SXSW as a N00b. This year I am going to really take the cameras out and have some fun! About Red Touch Media Red Touch Media is a content connection hub. Their services help you not only reduce your paper costs, but also give you and understanding of what people read, watch and listen to. There are three levels to Red Touch Media – Red Touch Bridge, Red Touch Connect and Red Touch Express. Find out more at Geekazine’s Coverage of SXSW – March 8th – 12th. I will be out at SXSW for the Interactive portion of the event. This consists of...


HP Tech Cast #7: LTO-6 – Tape Storage is NOT Dead

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLast month HP released their Linear Tape Open 6 (LTO-6) tape backup standard. With tapes that can hold up to 6.25 Terrabytes and rack systems that hold up to 44.4 Petabytes, tape shows not only its relevance in Enterprise networks but also how it can stack up to a storage method. Calvin Zito joins me with ESG’s Jason Buffington and and HP’s Bob Conway of the Tape Future product marketing. In this video, Jason gives a presentation on data protection trends and topics. We then get into LTO 6 and how you might want to think of a Disk to Tape to Cloud structure. Video conferencing by our friends at Watchitoo

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What to Expect from BlackBerry 10

Image source Flickr With 2013 around the corner, one of the greatest things to expect out of the coming holiday season is the impressive number of smartphones available to consumers all over the world. From the iPhone 5 to Android’s new JellyBean OS and beyond, if there’s one thing consumers and business people alike won’t have to worry about, it’s the number of options they have to choose for a new mobile phone. With all these options though, it’s surprising that there is not as much talk of Research in Motion’s latest forthcoming innovation: BlackBerry 10.   Image Source Brownstock  While Android and iOS continue to make appearances in dozens of phones, all in which appear very confusing to developers in their options and features, RIM plans to release BlackBerry 10 following the mad holiday season in favor of introducing innovations without fighting the mob of Android and...

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Geekazine Black Friday Deals to Go For

This year, I thought I would do some searching and find you some great deals that will help you with your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Tuesday shopping. These are all technology-related items. If you want weird geeky items, check out the Dorkazine Black Friday deals. If you want Podcast items, check out How to Record Podcasts Black Friday Deals. Win a iPad through ZAGG Zagg is giving away an iPad an hour for the next 24 hours! Enter your name and email every hour to be entered. ZAGG’s Black Friday iPad-an-hour Giveaway Kindle Fire If you are looking for a cheap tablet to give this holiday season, I suggest the Kindle Fire HD. It’s a 7″ tablet with Dolby audio, dual band wi-fi and connected to the Amazon store. With Amazon Prime you get instant streaming of movies and TV shows, Kindle books you can check out and...


5 Years of – The Good, Bad and the Future

Do you remember what you were doing 5 years ago today? I do. I started this website. -Jeffrey Powers, It was this day in 2007 where I hit the button and started The podcast was already running (as I started it a month prior). I launched the website and did the podcast for the day. I felt it was a great launch and an exciting time for me and Geekazine. Then I got laid off from my job. It was literally the day before launch that I was called into a room and told my services were no longer welcome. I was also sick during the launch and the audio was not going my way. I took the negative focus and put it in positive articles on Geekazine. Adding the Focus section and the video (pic 1*) which I talked about tech how-to. I also started...


HP Tech Cast #6: Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOn Tuesday, Microsoft officially launched Server 2012 to the public. This was a low key launch with a landing page with keynote videos. After, we got on HP Tech Cast with a few bloggers to talk about the “Cloud OS”. Calvin Zito joins me with bloggers John Obeto, Jason Lopez and Hans Vredevoort. We talk about Virtualization capabilities, storage, and the new ReFS file system.