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Absolute Lo-Jack Challenge 0

I’m Taking the Absolute LoJack Challenge

We are at an age where if we lose our connected devices, we feel lost or even violated. Not only is this a gateway to our friends and family through social apps, but it also contains our pictures, documents, lives – all on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Last July I had my iPhone stolen (also known as “Cherry picked”), which put me in a loop. I technically went through this challenge back then unwittingly. I ended up getting a $15 “burner” phone while I was on a 2 day trip, then replaced with an old smartphone to save money. Of course we know that a laptop is stolen every 50 seconds. The price of any iPhone on the black market is a couple hundred bucks – while you spend over $600 to replace it yourself. You might have insurance through renters or home owners insurance, but the...

Streaming Video: Can You Host it? 0

Streaming Video: Can You Host it?

In today’s Internet, streaming video is important to get your word across. I do it all the time with my shows. It can be done on your own, but should you really do it on your own? With programs like Shoutcast out there, you could easily connect your computer and run video. People would then connect up to the stream and see the video. However, if you have a limited speed internet account then only a couple people can connect to your stream. If you have higher speed internet services  as home service, watch the ISPs Terms of Service. If you are using a lot of bandwith they might inquire why. You could be determined that your use does not fall in the terms of service. Because of that, you could get your Internet shut off. You can use a service like ustream or livestream. They will either...

Finding the Right Network Protection for Your SMB for 2014 0

Finding the Right Network Protection for Your SMB for 2014

Last week I had a friend go through a major problem with his company — a cyber-attack happened and they lost data. I remember when it happened to me years ago. We built a strong infrastructure, but one wrong move by a overactive employee set us back a few months as we had to rebuild some vital databases. When we talked about it, he thought they had the right protection. Looking into it deeper, they didn’t have any. It wasn’t a real surprise since this group is just starting out. It might even be a lucky move for them because the data loss could have been years worth of work. Around this time, I report on my Day in Tech History podcast how many hackers attack during the holiday season. Heck, we just saw Target go into a major issue with their credit card system getting hacked. Small or...

Could Kevin Rose make a good CEO at Microsoft? 4

Why Kevin Rose Should be the Next CEO of Microsoft

Today, Steve Ballmer announced he will be retiring in 12 months. This was set to a lot of mixed emotion. In this world of high technology, CEOs seem to have a good exit plan – Bill Gates had Ballmer in mind when he retired and Steve Jobs had Tim Cook. Ballmer has no one in mind (that we know of). This could start people worrying about Microsoft’s direction. What Microsoft needs is s thinker. An innovator. Someone that will understand the corporate and consumer ends of technology. That is why I think Kevin Rose should be the next CEO of Microsoft. Why Kevin Rose as CEO of Microsoft? Kevin started early – creating Revision 3, Digg, Pownce and Milk. He has invested in ventures such as Gowalla, Twitter, Foursquare, OMGPOP, Square, Facebook, Chomp and Formspring. Rose took his company Milk and pretty much turned it into Google Ventures where he gets 300 million a year...


Google Glass at Disneyland or the 41 Year Old Disneyland Virgin

Last week I had a great opportunity to not only cover a conference, but also fulfill a life-long dream – go to Disneyland. Since I have grown up in the Midwest, doing something like Disneyland was a pipe dream. I knew eventually I would get there – which I finally did last week. At first I thought it was going to be a one-day experience. However, one of the bloggers at this conference also worked for Disney and was able to get a few of us in during the evenings. Therefore, my first experience was on Monday. We watched the Fantasmic show at 10:30. Of course, we got to experience the Disneyland Mall, with lots of stores and cool treats. The LEGO store was really fun to experience. You can get a LEGO creation or just build something new from the wall of LEGO. My first impressions of...

Netflix Roku Screen 0

Why I Cancelled Netflix and Switched to Amazon Prime

It’s really simple. I was tired of not seeing anything new. I was frustrated in looking at the new releases section on my Roku, and seeing Rescue Me there for the last 6 months. I was annoyed at playing the game “Find a movie I really want to watch”. Fact is, I stopped going to Netflix 3 weeks ago. has more variety than Netflix, and it’s free! I was watching more of my HuluPlus subscription, also. It became very apparent to me that I didn’t watch this service anymore. So I finally ditched it.

9 Things You Can Do with Your Internet Connection 0

9 Things You Can Do with Your Internet Connection

Almost everyone nowadays has (at one point or another) utilized their internet. The World Wide Web has truly revolutionized the way things are done. Things can be found easily these days through the aid of an Internet connection. Today, I am going to look at nine things you can do with your internet connection. After all, if you don’t use it, you could be simply missing out on the great opportunities. Booking flights online Gone are the days when people have to go to travel agencies in order to buy their tickets for flights. These days, most airline companies already have their own website where you can purchase flight tickets through your credit cards. The online ordering is hassle free and you don’t have to leave your office just to do it. You can even use sites like Orbitz , Kayak, or Priceline to find a better deal on air and...

Mobile Games on the Rise 0

Mobile Gaming on the Rise, Big Business for Some [Infographic]

I talk about them on my show iPad365. You might have a few of them on your smartphone or tablet. They might be simple games – sliding a wood block around – to complex games that take you to new worlds to destroy beasts. They could even just connect you with others to show your mental capacities. These are the games of the mobile device. And they are proving to become big business for some. Companies like Zynga grow on the mobile gaming platform. They produce games that are free, and paid games. Usually, the free games come with in-app upgrades. Sometimes to turn off the iAds, other times to add levels, get more power-ups so you can do something a little faster, and more. This has all added up to big dollars for some. Just to the point that more people play games on their device than...

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address – Should Steve Jobs Been a Talking Point? 0

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address – Should Steve Jobs Been a Talking Point?

So I listened to the State of the Union address last night, which was pretty uneventful. There were many themes that were brought to issue. One of them is not losing jobs to overseas workers and not giving tax breaks to those who do. Yet, President Barack Obama singled out one entrepreneur for his integrity in Steve Jobs. While that was a “Feel good” moment, we have to reflect that your Apple product is not really made in the USA. Do we have a conundrum here? During President Barack Obama’s speech last night, he said: You see, an economy built to last is one where we encourage the talent and ingenuity of every person in this country. That means women should earn equal pay for equal work. It means we should support everyone who’s willing to work; and every risk-taker and entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs....

How to Get 5000 Followers in 5 Minutes – Jon Cryer Joins Twitter… 2

How to Get 5000 Followers in 5 Minutes – Jon Cryer Joins Twitter…

Ashton Kutcher gives Twitter props to his Two and a Half Men Star Jon Cryer’s new profile. The result – 10,000 followers in under 30 minutes.

Social Media: Where are Your Eggs? 1

Social Media: Where are Your Eggs?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Same thing goes with social media sites. We look at the “Web” of sites you might want to be on and which ones to choose.

I Quit. Here is My Resignation. 8

I Quit. Here is My Resignation.

Last night I wrote “I Quit” on my Social Networks. Today I explain my actions and also the resignation.

Netflix Adds Qwikster – But Should They have Researched the Name a Bit Better? 1

Netflix Adds Qwikster – But Should They have Researched the Name a Bit Better?

While Qwikster is not a name that screams DVD rentals, is it a good name to have? Is it a sign Netflix doesn’t have a handle on their company?

What if Starz was to Buy Hulu? 1

What if Starz was to Buy Hulu?

Starz and Netflix split, which means Starz needs to find a new OTT home. What if they chose Hulu? Better yet, what if they BOUGHT Hulu?

Best Buy Denies Customers HP TouchPad 0

Best Buy Denies Customers HP TouchPad

Best Buy refused sale of TouchPad. Employees were told to box up and send back to HP.

Are You Addicted to Google+ (Google Plus)? 2

Are You Addicted to Google+ (Google Plus)?

Hi. I’m Jeffrey Powers and I’m a Google+ addict. I was in a hangout last night that was going pretty well. We were talking about developing in different program languages. But there was a point where I stopped talking and listened (I guess I was getting tired). After 20 minutes of listening, I knew that it was time to turn off from the computer altogether. But I didn’t. Instead, a new friend jumped on and I stayed another hour. When I finally did get off hangout, I got up and noticed that those pesky dishes didn’t get done. I remembered that I filled the sink with soap and water, then filled the pans to soak. I grabbed a quick snack and sat down, looking at my email. Since it was GMail, I noticed the alerts (someone either friended me or responded to posts). That is what sucked me...

Why Blockbuster doesn’t Get It. Get on Roku, Boxee, iPad, Kiosks! 1

Why Blockbuster doesn’t Get It. Get on Roku, Boxee, iPad, Kiosks!

Yesterday I read that More Blockbuster stores are closing. Blockbuster is falling – with a losing 2010 and not a very great first half of 2011. Yet Netflix and Redbox seem to be doing pretty well. I don’t get it – Doesn’t Blockbuster see the writings on the wall? More important, why are they not on a platforms that work, like Roku or Boxee? I remember when Blockbuster gobbled up local retailer Doorstep Video (they actually delivered movies like pizza), then Video Station. A little company from Texas really put the screws to local video retailers. If you wanted a video, pull that Blockbuster card out of your back pocket. But the movie environment changed. I also remember 2002, I had a Netflix membership for 6 months. Their disk system was horrible – when I did get a new DVD, 2/3 of the time the disk skipped or...

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Skype Video Calling in 150 Umms or Less 2

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Skype Video Calling in 150 Umms or Less

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced Video Calling with Microsoft’s new acquisition in Skype. However, Mark’s presentation wasn’t that of a Steve Jobs (nor does it have to be). Nonetheless, a good presentation is important. We look at what Zuckerberg did wrong and how to fix it.

Drawing Lines in the Sand: Google+ is Not Facebook. At Least Not Just YET… 1

Drawing Lines in the Sand: Google+ is Not Facebook. At Least Not Just YET…

There are a lot of people that snapped up the Google+ invite when they had the chance. It’s right now mostly made up of Tech-savvy and Social Mediates.  Since it’s introduction last week, there has been a lot of Buzz about it (no, not Google Buzz) – Some have even made the statement that they are moving to Google+ from Facebook. That may not be the best move right now and we’ll talk about why. The Google+ Project Google+ was created to compete with Facebook. Who are you and what are you doing with audio, pictures and video. Google+ is (right now) a social network. People sharing items back and forth with others, people commenting and giving a “+1” (compared to the Facebook Like button). Google+ big difference is how you catalog your friends. You can put them into circles, from the 4 categories they give you (Family, Friends, Acquaintances and...

Successful Podcasting: Is There a True 7 Step Formula? 0

Successful Podcasting: Is There a True 7 Step Formula?

Today, a friend (@accarrino) posted the following tweet. It was from Mashable’s writer Brian Casel (@casjam). The name of the article was the 7 Tips for Launching a Successful podcast. But all of a sudden it sparked emotion out of me; I got peeved at this article and more peeved that it was on Mashable. 7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast /cc @stwo @[email protected]@roanhouse jon accarrino I read through the article, it made 7 points. While some of the points made sense, I felt this article told me nothing. Here is what it said in a nutshell: Choose a Topic you are Passionate about Brand Your Podcast Format and Structure Plan Your Content Record, Broadcast and Edit Grow Your Audience Monetize Your Podcast I’ll tell you two things. First, if these seven points were true, I would be a podcast rock star. Second, half the “Successful” podcasters don’t...

Predict Eclipses with Antikythera Mechanism Made from LEGOs 0

Predict Eclipses with Antikythera Mechanism Made from LEGOs

This is one of the most impressive LEGO projects I have seen in a while. It’s doesn’t take a lot of LEGOs to build, but the precision that is involved makes it the most impressive.   Here is the history: What was thought to be Greek technology turned out to Babylonian. Around the first century BC, a device – Greek in construction – was built to determine the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It had a bottom dial that was in a 223 month cycle – That of a standard eclipse.  The top dial was in a 235 month cycle, for distribution of new moons. In 1901, this device was salvaged after a ship crashed on the Antikythera island. That is why it’s called the Antikythera Mechanism. Scientists have since reconstructed this machine, only from clues the damaged device left behind. What was lost for 2000 years has now been found…...

Ford announces Intelligent WiFi Vehicles 0

Ford announces Intelligent WiFi Vehicles

WiFi can save your life. Ford announced they have created intelligent vehicles that are talking to their surroundings. The idea is when one car is approaching too fast, your car can warn you and slow down. If a car breaks down, it sends a signal so the other cars are warned. “Ford believes intelligent vehicles that talk to each other through advanced Wi-Fi are the next frontier of collision avoidance innovations that could revolutionize the driving experience and hold the potential of helping reduce many crashes,” said Sue Cache, group vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported on the benefits of vehicle-to0-vehicle communications. There are over four million fender-benders a year. This technology could decrease that and maybe even a few major accidents. Or better yet, you car just says “There is an accident up ahead. Take this other route…”...

4th Annual Geekazine and Friends 2011 Predictions 0

4th Annual Geekazine and Friends 2011 Predictions

It’s that time of the year again. Time for us all to put on the Turbans and come up with some weird assumptions that we can predict the future. So without further ado, here is this year’s predictions: Paul Muller – Caffination Podcast First the guarantee, The next apple iPad will have a front facing camera. Not too much of leap of faith here on this one but they would be absolutely daft to not do this. Comcast will win its struggle to charge for unequal peering. Which sucks iPhone launch on VZW in Q1, to large press coverage but really will only effect at&t subscriber numbers The probable. Android Devices will outnumber apple iOS devices by June. With the introduction of true iPad competitors in android tablet form. Microsoft will re-release / reintroduce the UMPC concept to a market that now craves tablet devices. Netflix will debut...