Day 2 – the iPhone

What a difference a day makes….


Well, not really. I am still happy with my purchase. Last night I spent some time working out some of the settings. I also have been getting apps for the phone. The app was not that great. Was really razzing people with the iHandgun app. Drum Kit Lite to rock out and of course for music.  Can’t forget Stitcher for downloading podcasts ( – PODCASTERS – you need to make sure you are on Stitcher). Oh yeah – Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Just so you know, I haven’t paid for any apps yet. I want to get a handle on the store before I started getting the Beer app.


In 6 hours, I pretty much had to put it back on the charger. I haven’t found a yet – I want a retractable cord charger. I have the which is doubling as the charger.

I saw the “Extra battery” case at the but wasn’t too impressed. If it was Solar powered, I would have gotten it. Is the Solar powered case still around? Might have to look into it.

I ended up going to and getting a lower priced case and screen protector. I saved about $15-20 in doing that. And it’s not like the case itself is cheap, just the price.

The recharge is quick, though. That helps.

Brightkite Makes More Sense

I think I used Brightkite more than I ever have. Little concerned over people knowing where I am and – more to the point – where I am not at.

Now I know why is Beating MySpace

I didn’t have any apps for my 8125 for MySpace and Facebook. So far I have uploaded a few pics and status updates right there, right now. I don’t have the MySpace App, but the Facebook app is really impressive. Add the better camera and I was uploading a few things before .


That is my App. I know there are a couple others out there, but this one I have worked with before and enjoy using. Also using more.

Where’s the Phone?

I tried making a call today. Not really intuitive; I had to run up to it a couple times. Once I got up to speed, I was making calls quick and easy. Like I said – not very intuitive for someone who hasn’t used an iPhone.

iTunes Transfer

I had a lot of iTunes songs on a previous computer. I backed it up years ago – I should find it and get the songs transferred. Nonetheless I have not been able to transfer over a song that I didn’t get from the library. Once again – not obsessed with getting music over, but it should be a simple drag and drop method.

*UPDATE*I got it to work.

I See Where Flash is Needed

It’s surprising how much we rely on Flash. Now that I am part of that limitation, I am finding sites I cannot use simply because of the flash content. The biggest problem with this is weather radars. My favorite local news page looses out, too.

Will be more playing over the Weekend. I am still impressed with this device.

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