Castgrabber – Geekazine Video Review

This week’s review is for the CastGrabber – an internet appliance that takes valid RSS feeds and uploads podcasts to your MP3 . This video shows you a little about how the CastGrabber works. I also talk about the good and the bad – well, more of a to this Standalone downloader.

One great feature of the CastGrabber is the fact you can connect most any type of MP3 player and get your podcasts. I connected an , then a couple different generic . Even my 64 Creative MP3 player from 2002 worked like a !

may be a bit much and I wished it had not only wireless, but some other items I talk about in the video. Nonetheless, it’s a great “Set it and forget it” type of item.

Here is the for the Cast Grabber.

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