The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Applying to New Media [review]

the Greatest Movie Ever Sold

the Greatest Ever Sold

If you are a content creator and asking yourself how you can get sponsors, then you might want to watch this movie. If you are looking for help getting a off the ground, you might want to see this movie. If you need inspiration for your business, you might want to watch this movie.

Bottom line – You want to watch this movie.

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Synopsis of POM Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold

This is a movie by Morgan Spurlock, who came to movie fame with the documentary Supersize me – Where he spent 30 days eating fast food 3 times a day. This time, he looks at how to get the together to create a movie.

In the Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Spurlock looks at how advertising inside movies is procured. He is looking for $1.5 million to put a movie together showing how he got the $1.5 million. We watched as he worked through the process of procuring money to create his movie.

He ended up selling to many different sponsors, including POM, jetblue, Mini cooper, Sheetz, Hyatt, upon others. Each sponsor would get product placement, amongst other incentives for this movie.

Why Content Creators Should Watch – and Apply

Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

It’s simply a behind the scenes look at how to get a sponsor. You might not go to that level to get people to pay for your show, but if you decide to enter the big leagues, this is what you have to worry about.

It also talks about how you need to promote your work. Make sure people know you exist. For example – I’ve been doing the Day in Tech History for 3 years (cataloging technology history for over 5 years). I talk to people to this day and still get “Oh really? I didn’t know someone did that” comments.

It got me to thinking how I should promote my show. When I got $100 in free AdWords at the beginning of the summer, I took advantage of it. In return, I got a 3-4% jump in my website traffic. If you think that 3-4% isn’t worth it, then you might want to get out of this business. Bottom line – every bit counts.

BTW – AdWords is offering $75 right now for you to check out the site.

It’s all about selling your idea. Selling means promoting. Promoting means getting out there with the word. Not everyone can be lucky and get 10,000 listeners overnight. Sometimes you have to pound the pavement.

With a little work, you might be able to quit the day to do what you are passionate about. Morgan Spurlock did it. Why not you? I know I’m working on that with the – So if you want to sponsor this venture, let me know – Twitter @geekazine or email me [email protected]

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