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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

We walked upstairs to the Sprint booth where we ran into Meleah. She was showing off several Sprint products, including the Galaxy Tab – a 7 inch tablet. It runs a 1 GHz Hummingbird ARM processor and the Android OS. The tablet has front and back facing cameras and comes in 16 and 32 GB models.

The Galaxy Tab only does WiFi and 3G, but with the Sprint Overdrive, you can get access wherever there is service. The Overdrive serves as a mobile 4G hotspot for your tablet, laptop and other devices.

Meleah didn’t mention prices, but there will be a subsidized price with purchase of a mobile plan.

With a 7 inch tablet, you could put the device into a shirt or Blazer pocket. You can have it on your person but it doesn’t have to be in your hands. Prices might be a little high for the tablet, as Verizon offered it for $600. We will see what Sprint offers, as they have not announced price points.

Sprint also announced the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and 11z netbooks at the show.

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