Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint Network – 4G World

We walked upstairs to the Sprint booth where we ran into Meleah. She was showing off several Sprint products, including the Galaxy Tab – a 7 inch tablet. It runs a 1 GHz Hummingbird ARM processor and the Android OS. The tablet has front and back facing and comes in 16 and 32 .

The Galaxy Tab only does WiFi and , but with the Sprint Overdrive, you can get access wherever there is service. The Overdrive serves as a mobile hotspot for your tablet, laptop and other devices.

Meleah didn’t mention prices, but there will be a subsidized price with purchase of a .

With a 7 inch tablet, you could put the device into a shirt or Blazer pocket. You can have it on your person but it doesn’t have to be in your hands. Prices might be a little high for the tablet, as offered it for $600. We will see what Sprint offers, as they have not announced price points.

Sprint also announced the Mini 10 and 11z at the show.

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