Samsung HMX-T10: HD Video Camera That is Stylish, Ergonomic

Samsung HMX-T10

Front of Samsung HMX-T10

There are a lot of handheld cameras out there, but few that can tout being ergonomic. The Samsung HMX-T10 is one of those cameras.

With a 20 degree slanted lens, the HMX-T10 allows you to hold the camera without cocking your wrist. Therefore, you can hold the camera up a lot longer to get the baby’s first steps, or to record your buddies band and get the whole song without having to try and switch hands.

The camera has a few other features, too. 10x Optical zoom, 5.1M CMOS sensor, image stabilization and 1920 x1080 60i.

“The HMX-T10 offers not only a stylish, compact design, but also demonstrates the thoughtfulness and innovation Samsung brings to making movies” said Mr. SangJin Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “The HMX-T10’s convenient features encapsulates the innovative and easy-to-use nature of our camcorder range, as well as our aim to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and design.”

Samsung HMX-T10

Back of Samsung HMX-T10

The camera has a 2.7″ touch screen LCD and can take both still images and video at the same time. It takes standard SD/SDHC cards and contains the Smart OIS technology that Samsung has been developing.

Only downfall is while it does have an HDMI, AV and USB ports, it still lacks the same items most other cameras lack – external microphone and mount for an external light. In fact, it doesn’t look like there is a light on the camera at all.

Price point is $299, which is decent. You might have difficulties if you are a left-hander, but other than that, it’s very comparable to other SD cameras.

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