Taking the Gillette Sensor 3 Challenge by Shaving my Head

asked me to try out the They wanted to show me how this 3 blade disposable is better than a 2 blade razor. With the strip, I can do a without nicks, cuts or razor rash.

The Sensor 3 is great for travel. I like to keep a small kit in my car just in case, and it will contain the Sensor 3.

The best part about the razor is the cleaning ability. With a few swipes in the glass of water, I was able to clean the blades so I can continue on .

During this I covered my face and head. Since the video was created, I used this razor for another 2 weeks. That is shaving both face (6 times a week) and head (3 times a week).

Get the Gillette Sensor 3 and try it yourself!

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