Unboxing: Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z

I received the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z I will be Giving away (in a future contest) today. Unboxed and set up this new computer. Of course, when I set up a computer, I do it a little different.

First, let’s look at the computer itself: We have a 23″ inch computer monitor with 2 point touch screen. Open up the back and you can see the computer – complete with DVD+/- RW, sound, 6 , VGA in, power and more. The back panel can be opened pretty easily by pulling the two arrowed tabs on the bottom and lifting up.

What is interesting, is if you look at one of the photos, there is a spot to put in a card reader. If you get a computer like this, you want more than just USB ports. Another thing missing is a eSATA port for off-computer storage.

The computer is an Intel i5 chip running 3.29 GHz. Intel GMA HD graphics integrated. It is installed with Windows 7 Professional and also has extra software installed. Office 2010 is also installed, but it’s only a trial version.

The computer weighs about 12 lbs. It comes with mouse and keyboard. A built-in webcam is on top, with privacy screen. Since the camera is built-in, the only way to adjust is to move the whole unit.

As I finished setup, I did all Windows Updates and put on Anti-virus (Avast is my AV of choice). So far, the machine runs pretty smooth, but we will talk about that in future updates. Right now, this is just a surface review.

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