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It’s no surprise I am on the web a lot. I work on a ton of stuff for Geekazine, Dorkazine and for other projects. I would say my web usage is around 12 to 16 hours in a day (computer usage being a little more). So finding the good websites is key and when I do, I stick with them. Here is an insight to the websites I go to daily to pass the info along. We’ll skip the obvious sites (Geekazine and Dorkazine).

Page 1. This is all the websites I go to on a daily basis. I broke this article up into 4 pages simply because of the size.


Yep. I got many accounts on MySpace so I do check it daily. I don’t always go to all the MySpace sites. Just my main one, my music one and Geekazine. By the way, that’s http://www.myspace.com/geekazine


I also have a Facebook account. I do check it daily as well. Please don’t send me Lil Green Patch requests or other application invites for most likely I will not accept. Not to be social, I just am not keen on some of those apps. Even a big app group like Slide has been found to leak private info across the web.


This aggregator is a great place for some interesting . Sometimes it gets obscure but I can usually find some great stuff on here


The best part about Digg is that I can separate it down to specifics. If I need another Microsoft or Linux article for the , I can just filter it to see what is last talked about. Unfortunately its only as powerful as those who submit and those who Digg a post. For example, in the last week or two it’s been kinda useless because of all the iPhone Diggs.


Love them or Hate them, CNet has a comprehensive tech area. Photos, video and articles. That is the power of a staff. Someday Geekazine will have a staff….



Geek.com is a news regurgitator. Like Slashdot, they find news and re-report it. I suppose it’s like Microblogging. Still, it’s a great place to find a quick article and get the rundown without having to go through five thousand words.


It’s the local for news. Channel3000.com just celebrated their 10th Anniversary (Happy Anniversary). It is a part of the Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc, which is strategically partnered by CNN. What does that mean? I would guess the news comes from CNN and the web service comes from IBsys.

Twitter (Twhirl)

Twitter is a great place to get news as it happens. Techcrunch utilizes this facet to push out their stuff. I also can get great ideas for articles. Be my friend – http://www.twitter.com/geekazine



It’s all about the Karma baby! Seriously, Plurk does have some great stuff and even though it doesn’t have a cool API like Twhirl (hint, hint), I still check this page daily. I think it really is about the Karma.


Just like Twitter, it’s a great place to get and article ideas. It runs in the background which makes it easily accessible.


Of course this is the place I go to post the site Twitters because it will push to Twitter, Plurk, Friendfeed, Facebook, tumblr and a whole lot more. It’s not about spamming, it’s more about catching the population that only resides on one of these Social Networks.

USA Today

Their hotel Paper scheme really paid off. You know, you stay in certain hotels and every morning a USAToday is at your door. It’s a good marketing campaign and in result, I do watch. I can get kinda political, which is why I go on this site. I get my daily politics and also some cool tech news that nobody else reports on.



Government Computer News reports on just that. What Tech issues are happening in Government. It’s a great site for any IT pro that is in that sector. They also can get a little more intense because it has to explain government divisions and policies at times.


10 years ago when I started my web career, I created and ran a website called “Toonzed.com”. It was a cartoon site and Caption contest inspired by Sev.com.au’s Jon Cook. I lost the love for the site, but I still like making the strips. Bitstrips let me continue on without having to create and maintain.


Do you have a business? You should be on MerchantCircle then. It’s free and it’s a great place to network with local businesses that don’t have ad dollars. Fred from CareerSaver turned me onto this site and I have since gotten some great contacts from it.


I can customize my news widgets. I can check the Geekazine email. I even set up a Geekazine RSS feed Widget. I also set up a tab to analyze Geekazine and tell me where the errors are. It really is a great page to have.

This is the majority of day to day sites I am on. The next page will have sites I try to visit, but don’t go on everyday.

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