2013 Ford Escape with EcoBoost – First Drive [Video]

2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape

On a sunny day in San Francisco, we joined to take a first drive of the 2013 Ford Escape. While it’s not the first drive, this was a very important drive, for whereas the car enthusiast will get a Mustang, the family will most likely get the Ford Escape. For driving the kids to school, or for towing the camper or boat to a weekend adventure.

All in a 4 cylinder vehicle.

2013 Ford Escape 2 EcoBoost

We drove the 2 liter Escape on this drive in Northern San Francisco area. The Escape also comes in 1.6 liter, and 2.5 liter. All with EcoBoost – Ford’s technology to direct inject gasoline (wiki on EcoBoost). With new technologies added to this vehicle, you can drive the mountains of northern California (or anywhere) without worrying if you can get up that hill.

New Technologies in the Ford Escape

Ford Escape with EcoBoost

Ford Escape with EcoBoost

Along with the SYNC Ford Touch system in the Escape, Ford has added 11 new technologies that no other small SUV has. Items such as active park assist, BLIS ( Information System), curve control, and torque vectoring control are some technologies that help you steer and control your Escape better.

Escape Lift Gate Technology

For the family – an innovative way to get into your vehicle. If your hands are full with , or boxes, and you cannot get to the keys in your pocket to press a button, then by using the sensor on the bottom you can open the gate. Simply your foot along the back bumper, and the gate will open. your foot again, the gate will close.

Ford Escape – the Good

This vehicle drives very well. Getting up hills is a breeze, and the control in a sharp turn is impressive. This is an automatic, but you do have the option to go into “Sport” mode. Perfect for towing, or just controlling your Escape a little better.

The ride is comfortable and quiet. Ford has been working on making a quiet ride, so you can really enjoy the sound system engineers have worked to perfect. Testing with an artist list that included ZZ Top – for clean, crisp drum sounds – to Lou Reed – in hearing the backup singers. Even Eminen was used to make sure this vehicle had the bass to appreciate this artists’ music.

Ford Escape – the Bad

Not much to say in the negative area. I personally wish the car was a little bigger. Otherwise, we felt a little lag in the EcoBoost kicking in. However, for a 4-cylinder engine, this is a minimal issue.

Ford Escape – the Verdict

Bottom line, if you need a car for the family – If you need a car for towing the boat, trailer or camper – if you need a car that will haul your 18 year old’s boxes off to college, then the Escape can be your car. This Escape can hold 5 people comfortably, and still have items in the back. With the active park assist, you don’t have to worry about parallel parking.

The smooth, quiet ride gives you a good feeling. The advanced air bag system in the Escape will keep your family safe in an accident. Starting at $22,000, the Escape will be a very affordable family SUV.

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