4G World 2010 – Highlighting Wireless 3G/4G Technologies

Last week I was asked by Roger Bindl of Viodi to come down to Chicago IL and help create content for 4G World – a convention coordinated by the Yankee Group. The week long event highlights the wireless world we are living in. With new products from many companies you may and may not know.

We learned about products that can help you detect dead spots in your area. We learned about how to send large amounts of data over the air. We ran into old friends, like Bug Labs – who debuted a new 4G module to their mobile modular system and Sprint, which debuted 2 new laptops and the Galaxy Tab – a new tablet on the Sprint Network.

It was a great day of learning about the technologies of Femtocell, mobile 4G – WiMax and LTE. We even got to talk to the FCC about the allocation of the wireless spectrum.

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