BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 Day 2

The second day of BlogWorld & New really showed it’s evolution in the new location of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention center. The opened and felt more structured from last year, because the room was the perfect size.

Each booth had something going in it. The had a contest to re-stack plastic cups. The World Record coffee cup is in the back and you can get a free from the Social Media Club.

I ran into , who was there for the day. He was covering the expo floor. It was good to talk to him for the brief time.

My track started up and my duties were beginning. Rob Walsh did Podcast 101 and Steve Garfield lead 101. We had stats about podcasts, how to choose sponsors, Vlogging and more.

My session with about creating Evergreen content on your site went really well. We tag-teamed the session to convey how important it is to have content that can be re-used.

The Critique a Podcast panel with Mignon, Steve Garfield, Mike and Rob was excellent. They discussed the issues with the four shows to a “T”. I even learned a few things about the constructive critisizm.

The evening was a quiet dinner with Andy McCaskey, , Barry and his wife. As the group retired, I decided to head over to the Haze for the BlogWorld Party.

There I ran back into Mike Cioffi and Mark Chambers. I met Rob Barnett of MyDamnChannel and we talked about video. I was in a time crunch because I apparently wore shorts to a club that requires pants. I only had 15 minutes to mingle, which was OK, because we decided to head over to the Social Media Clubhouse for their party.

When we got to the party, the house looked empty. The gates were closed and we were stuck out there with the cab leaving us. However, someone let us in and the fun began.

The Clubhouse was impressive. I took video (will post later) of the whole lot. I talked to the folks at Lenovo, got a mustache for my coke, and met up with Jim Lauderback and Colleen Kerry. I met Mike Rottman – producer of the Kevin Pollack show, and other podcasts. We talked about getting guests, podcasting, hosting on and more. He was even nice enough for me to hitch a ride back to the Mandalay Bay.

It was a powerful day of networking and having fun. The Clubhouse looked awesome and I had 2 pretty successful sessions. I can’t wait to see what day 3 has in store!

In the meantime, here is the walkabout video I created.

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