Coffee Talk with Manish Goel of HP Storage – HP Discover

HP Storage Coffee Talk at HP Discover 2015

HP Storage Coffee Talk at 2015

Earlier this year, HP Storage hired a new Senior Vice President in Manish Goel (NetApp) after David Scott (who came over from the 3PAR acquisition) retired last year. Manish sat down with the top Enterprise bloggers who wanted to ask the hard questions as to the new direction of HP Storage.

Of course, Goel had some pretty big shoes to fill, and the bloggers wanted to know what his direction is for storage. Along with Siamak Nazari, Brad Parks, and Ivan Iannaccone, the group answered questions about infrastructure and hardware technology, storage management, and the direction of 3PAR.

Manish Goel addressing blogger questions

Manish Goel addressing blogger questions

One hot topic in the coffee talk was the direction of flash and flash-array storage. As 1-out-of-3 arrays are all-flash, the bloggers were really interested in Manish’s vision.

Following is the full video for this coffee talk. Note that the first 15 minutes we had wireless interference, so you might hear another voice in the mix.

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