Geek News Morning Tech Show 2-12-11: Talking Tech

I was on the Morning Tech Show with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee. We talk about Rob’s Nissan Leaf (coming soon), New RSS elements and iTunes Ping. News dealt with Nokia and the switch from Symbian to Windows 7. We talk about Seedbox, a cloud service for Bittorrents. AOL buys Huffington Post – What that meant to unpaid bloggers.

After a small hangup with Skype, we continue on with Wael Ghonim – the Google Exec that was a key in Egypt politics. Google on the new VP8 and the lawsuit on the new codec being open source. Mark Zuckerberg announces that citizen journalism is more socialized.

Last leg we discussed about Verizon iPhone in Fargo, ND. Apple is getting gaming to Apple TV. Google is doing Wedding Planning. SXSW BitTorrent and final thoughts.

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