iPhone 5 Unboxing – Comparison to Nokia Lumia, HTC, 3GS

iphone5 comparisons

5 comparisons

I got the new iPhone this morning, so I went on a to show it off. I grabbed my previous smartphones to make comparison – the (my first smartphone), the iPhone and Nokia Lumia 900 (which I had over the summer). I compare how I used the smartphone then and now.

Unboxing the

I first unbox the , then compare to the older phones. This one is longer and thinner than the HTC, but compared in thinness to the iPhone 3GS and Nokia Lumia. Pretty interesting. The phone is comparably lighter than all 3.

Accessories to the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 comes with the new style and charger cable. I didn’t get any extra or converters.

iphone5 unbox

iphone5 unbox

Overall of the iPhone 5

I will definitely be putting it to the task. One thing is for sure – a case will be purchased. I did get the 32 iPhone because I needed more storage for video.

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