Mark Hatch, Alan Mulally on TechShop – Go Further with Ford

Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch of Techshop

Creativity. It’s what gives us new products and time saving ideas. Sometimes, those ideas need to be helped along. A place like TechShop is one of those places. Letting you create prototype so it can get the chance to go to market.

That is why Ford has helped Techshop thrive in Detroit.

On evening 2 of Further with Ford, we travelled to Techshop to learn a little more about the facility, and also see the ideas in action. In a great night of discovery, we got to play this ground by learning about screen printing, molding puter jewelry, learning about the maker bot, screen printing and frosting glass.

Before we got to play, we heard from two great people. First, Mark Hatch, CEO of Techshop talked about how they are cultivating tomorrows entrepreneurs. Mark talked about people who did use Techshop and create their million dollar ideas.

Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally of Ford

One entrepreneur learned how to shape bamboo so he could make an iPad case. That case made millions. Square mobile payment system was developed through Techshop. Companies like Square mobile payments were also developed through Techshop. Mark went through many success stories.

Alan Mulally took the stage and talked about how important it is to have a place like Techshop. He outlined the partnership with Ford and was glad to be part of making ideas come true.

Alan talked about his first conversation with Ford – Just like Bill Ford did the day before. Alan talked about how they planned to turn a company around.

It was an amazing night. Thanks to Ford for putting this together!

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