Windows Phone 7 on Ford’s Microsoft SYNC – Go Further

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott – Senior marketing communications manager, Microsoft

I got the opportunity to talk with Chris Elliott – Senior marketing communications manager at Microsoft – about SYNC and Windows Phone 7. Of course, there are many models of Windows Phone, including the Nokia Lumina 900. Chris talks about how SYNC works with all phones – including that old flip phone you might still have.

You could be on your phone before you get in your car. As soon as you turn on the car, it transfers the call to the car. You never have to pair it more than once. If your wife has a phone, you can pair a bunch of phones, you can have your favorite, but if they get in the car, they should be able to use it themselves.

Brian Seitz

Brian Seitz, Sr PR Manager Windows Phone Marketing on Apps for the Windows Phone 7

We also talk about the life cycle of the phone as opposed to the life cycle of a car. You get a new car every few years. You might have 3-4 or more phones per car. Chris mentions they also have to worry about different countries, and the phones that could pair with SYNC.

I also talk with Brian Seitz, Sr. PR manager for Windows Phone Marketing. We talk about apps in the phone. Brian mentions they crossed the 100,000 apps. So they have tons of great apps. Spotify, Iheartradio and of course Zune. He also talks about how SYNC works with Windows Phone for a hands-free experience.



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