Autism App for iPad under Development

I’ve been really deep into geek and haven’t had the time to post here the past week. I’ve resurrect my old P3, threw a third hard drive into it, installed CentOS, and am working on making it dual boot with the existing Slackware system.

But this report from one my local televisions stations caught my eye: A local father with an autistic son is developing a iPad app for use in reaching and teaching autistic children; he got the idea from observing his son’s fascination with the Angry Birds game:

Joe Hill’s autism app idea is not the first, but here’s what makes it unique: – His concept for interactive flash cards using the camera on thie iPad 2. – Parents can take pictures of people, toys, juice, anything specific to an individual child. – When the child touches the screen a voice will say the word and even help form a sentence.

It can’t be tested until it’s developed.

Given how difficult it is to reach autistic kids, I hope it works.

And, if it works, I hope it spreads to more affordable platforms.

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