“Battery Died”

David Pogue discusses manufacturer’s claims of the longevity of laptop batteries in the New York Times. The post is here. It’s worth a read.

He discusses how the “tests” of laptop life are in no way connected to how persons use .

A sample:

    Another problem: Unlike CIPA’s camera tests, the MobileMark test protocol doesn’t reflect real-world use. Consider, for example, the screen. It’s the most power-hungry component of a laptop, so specifying how bright it is during your test is extremely important.

    Well, the MobileMark test specifies that you have the screen set to 60 nits (a brightness measurement).

    Not to nitpick, but at full brightness, the screens on modern laptops put out 250 to 300 nits.

Read the whole thing to see the extent of the disconnect between how you and I use our laptops and how manufacturers “test” battery life.

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