Buy One Friend, Get One Free

On my own blog, I have a category called “Words Fail Me.”

That’s what I have to say about this story, from Reuters, except for this: “Screen those friend and follower requests.”

    “The simple fact is that with a large following on Facebook, you have an instant and targeted group of people you can contact and promote whatever it is you want to promote,” he (Leon Hill, uSocial CEO) added.


    The company (uSocial) offers packages for Facebook, the world’s number one social networking site, that start at 1,000 friends up to 10,000 friends at costs ranging from $177 to $1,167.

    “All we do is send them a welcome message or friend request from the client. If they decide to go ahead and add that person as a friend or a fan then they will; if not, then they won’t,” Hill told Australian media.

Follow the link. There’s more.

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