Firesheep: Security Exploit as Firefox Plugin

Now anyone can have L33t HaX0r skilz.

A Firefox extension called “Firesheep” automates hacking your connection if you are using public wi-fi. Here’s an excerpt from the Guardian’s report:

Firesheep, though, has an easy-to-use and, perhaps most importantly, a cute name. Surely this can’t be a “cracking tool”? It wasn’t released by someone going by a name like ‘dEvILSp0RN42’. It doesn’t feature white text on a black background. It has well-thought-out and literate documentation. To use it, you simply install it into Firefox and click a few buttons. One minor additional step, installing WinPcap, is required for Windows users.

You can watch a demo on YouTube (I was unable to embed the video).

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