“Like Nowhere, Dude”: A Guide to Facebook Places

Not my guide. I have been busy with other stuff and haven’t logged into Facebook so I can decline the privilege of telling people where I am. I have no interest in Facebook Places, Foursquare, or any such service.

It’s not that I worry about persons knowing where I am. I’m more concerned about persons knowing where I am not–like knowing I’m not at home and my few possessions are free for the taking. It falls into the Asking for Trouble Department, as far as I can tell; my motto is, “Enough trouble will come your way without asking for more.”

For persons who might want to experiment with Facebook Places, the San Jose Mercury-News has a guide describing privacy and other settings.

Here’s a bit of it:

Under Facebook’s default settings, everyone you list as a “friend” will be able to see where you’ve checked in. But are they really your friends?

Facebook’s settings allow you to exclude specific people from seeing your check-ins, or you could authorize only a select few. To do this, go to “Account” on the top right corner of the page. Then choose “Privacy Settings” and click “Customize settings.” Look for a pull-down menu next to “Places I check in to.” Click on it, and select “Custom.”

To authorize people, look for “These people,” select “Specific People…” and type their names into the box underneath. To exclude just a few friends — your boss, maybe, or that nosy co-worker you reluctantly “friended” — type their names into the “Hide this from” box.

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