Lingerie in Space

U. S. space suits come from Delaware. So do I. I’ve actually driven by the factory a few times. It’s a small building on a back road surrounded by farmland.

Space suits are descended from ladies’ underwear. Who knew? An excerpt (emphasis added):

When astronauts return to the moon, and maybe beyond, they will stay for far longer than the two-and-a-half hours that Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent exploring the moon’s surface. Frederica-based ILC hopes to play a role in keeping the astronauts sheltered — the company is working to develop an inflatable habitat that could be used on the moon.

For ’s first trip to the moon, the high-tech suits worn by Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Michael Collins had their roots in bras and girdles.

ILC Dover began as part of International Latex Corp. — later known as Playtex — when the company spun off a division in 1947 that made products such as life vests and rafts for the military.

The full story is here.

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