The Great Digital Conversion

I agree with Jeffrey that postponing the switch to over-the-air broadcast is foolish. Problems are inevitable This just postpones them.

I heard a report today that there are issues with closed captioning in the over-the-air digital signals. Here’s a news story. At the same time . . .

. . . this doesn’t seem to be an entirely new story or one restricted to the DTV switchover; it also afflicts streaming and downloaded television shows. See here.

The lays out guidelines for someone who experiences problems with closed-captioning here.

Full disclosure: I have cable and I don’t need closed captioning, but I sometimes use it if, say, I’m talking on the telephone or listening to the Geekazine podcast while watching a ballgame. I’ve never had any problems with it on a television that could handle it.

I think it should always be turned on in bars, airports, and waiting rooms of all sorts.

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