Windows Mobile, Not Agile

MarketWatch reports that Windows Mobile, the implementation of Windows CE, is in danger of losing significant market share. The story is here. An excerpt:

    The company’s has suffered in comparison to both the , from traditional foe Apple Inc., and Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry. Meanwhile device makers who have normally been big supporters of Microsoft’s mobile operating system software, such as Motorola Corp. and Inc., have been moving toward the use of different technology.

    “Other operating systems got a heck of a lot more intuitive” compared to Microsoft’s, said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas. A major update to Microsoft’s mobile operating system expected to provide a boost, 7, has long been anticipated – though its timing remains unclear.

The story goes on to detail that Windows Mobile is facing threats, not only from the iPhone, but also from the Android OS and Palm’s new WebOS. Meanwhile, though talking about Windows Mobile v. 7, Microsoft is still working to release v. 6.5.

Full Disclosure: My cellphone runs Windows Mobile. I have been satisfied with it (it’s capable of running Opera Mobile, which was my primarily criterion in selecting it), but, compared to the Blackberries and iPhones some of my friends have, it is slow.

Furthermore, it is plagued with memory leaks. After a reboot, it commonly has more than 11 megs of operating memory available. It’s been three days since I rebooted it and I have hardly used it in the interim–no phone calls, no web browsing, and several email and text message checks, but no emails or text messages sent–and right at this minute it has fewer than seven megs of available operating memory.

When I can afford it, I’m getting an Android.

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