Panasonic Transmits Data by Touch


Trying the dual live stream today on Facebook and ! For the most part it was successful, with a small audio glitch at the beginning. Glitch only happened for a few seconds, so I left it in the video part. Audio was cut.

created a device that can turn your body into a data transmission device. You can then send information to others, or to devices with a touch. We’ll look more at this. I also talk about week one of Bell’s – watch the First 48 Hours of Bell’s Palsy video I posted. Finally, the show will be off the next couple weeks as I am on travel. I show off the HP EliteBook x2:

Morning Geeks! Episode 23 Show Notes

– Hurricane Matthew – Stay safe out there!

– Dwayne The Rock Johnson looks at his first match

– No Man’s Sky Subreddit Down and back Up


Superman preview

– Clowns

– Hasbro, Inc. new Accustrike Nerf Guns

**New to This Week**

– Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Phantasm: Remastered

Phantasm: Ravager

**Comic Geeks**

Marvel Contest Of Champions

**On DVD**

The Legend Of Tarzan


Ice Age: Collision Course

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