Problems with Deadpool 2: Who Should Be the New Director?


Daredevil 2 is in peril. Tim Miller left after differences with him and Ryan Renolds. But this might be the thing that can kick it into high gear. This week I talk about what happened, and throw out a few Directors that could possible replace Miller for a better sequel.

Congrats to the Cubbies. Now they will have to wait until 2124 for the next championship.
It’s Daylight savings time
I look at the Google Pixel:

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Morning Geeks! Episode 24 Show Notes

talks 2, 3, 4
– The Pivot episode of WestWorld
– The Rock as Pinkachu?

NOW Avengers #1.1 
– New Trailer
Call of Duty Infinate War
– A big
– Season 2 of Danger Mouse on

**New to This Week**

– The
Powers Season 2:
Daredevil Season 2:
Sausage Party:
From Dusk Til Dawn 20th Anniversary:

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