1-Ring Moon Smart Security Camera Levitates

When you install a in your home, you usually have to settle for a single viewpoint, but we can do better. The 1-Ring ‘Moon’ smart camera changes the game. Insert Star Wars “That’s no moon” joke here. This security camera is designed with a design, allowing the camera to capture 360-degrees of footage in any space. Now everything will be within your field of view. It’s a brilliant design and I’m surprised we haven’t seen this everywhere by now. It is suspended in mid-air and ready to be a literal eye in the sky, just at a low altitude.

It can instantly detect movement and events, so will automatically rotate to begin filming. You can access this gravity defying camera using the accompanying app and of course get notifications if there are any disturbances detected when you’re away from home.

The ‘Moon’ smart camera also has voice recognition to let you know who’s home. That way you know who is in your house. It can also detect and identify your dog barking, your baby crying, or even glass breaking. You get the alert and can check things out quickly. You can mount it in a variety of ways that you customize the setup.

via Gadget Flow

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