Arkansas Dentist Creates Star Wars Spoof To Promote Laser Technology

Jonesboro, Arkansas dentist Dr. J. Steven Abernathy is obviously a huge fan. So when it came time to promote PIPS, a precision laser activated irrigation technology, obviously he’s going to turn to . Well, the that he created here is just wonderful. It’s like being in an alternate universe where somehow Star Wars and have collided.

This is without a doubt, the most epic root canal commercial in existence. Honestly, I’m not sure how many even exist, but this is the best. I bet he shows this to all of his new patients first thing. It probably puts them at ease right away. All I know is that if I lived in Arkansas, he would be my dentist. The floss is strong with him. I can feel it. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind seeing two more videos like this, one for Empire Strikes Back and one for Return of the Jedi. The man deserves a whole trilogy of root canal related videos. And besides, he totally nails it in his scenes.

Screw it, I’m flying to Arkansas to get my teeth done from now on. Well played sir. Well played indeed.

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