Ramblings 11-15-08 Media and CES

Well, this week was the one for 2 main things – getting all the Podcast media Back up and running and starting the plans for the . It will be my first trip to LV and I will get there – by or by crook. Hopefully not the latter.

I spent the week getting a good that is portable and will work well. I did a couple reviews and will send them out next week. Once I have that done, we will begin reviewing more items. Let me know if you have a toy you want to review.

75% of the podcast media has been down until this week. On Tuesday I spent a few hours uploading and redirecting all media. We have a new home for the podcast and a new website. I won’t talk too much about that since it’s mostly a portal, but I will be moving services like contacting for web or graphic design.

LIVE Show was great. I’ve been thinking of changing it up, though. Will be looking for a couple people to come on the show and talk about stuff. If interested, let me know.

I had to change up my car’s headlamp plug. The old one burnt out. I posted the pix up on my Flickr page:

I got a replacement plug and spliced it in. Now I have 2 headlights. Yay car!

Did some of the site. Early on I put on a lot of site statistics code I completely forgot about. I removed that code and some old code I thought I was going to use again. I have a lot more to do. If anyone has any suggestions or fixes, please let me know.

Anyway – that’s it for now. Badgers are losing and I am going between this article and text messaging (not that I’m not used to doing that). Of course the dog is needing attention, too. So until next time – rock on.

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