Ramblings – 7-26-08 – in a bar

I was working at a bar today because they are also a client. What a great way to work, eh?

This week was as phenominal as always. Mondays’ LIVE SHOW rocked! The Podcast ROCKED! The new segment was just as awesome, but the big news was Thursday.

I wrote the 5 minute show – DIGGOOGLE – which asked the question of what Google can gain if they did buy Digg for $200 million. The best part about this article was that it was not only the most viewed for the day, but it was also the most Dugg article that Geekazine has ever put out. That made me feel especially proud because sometimes you wonder if people are looking at your site (which I know there are).

The funny thing about that though is the next day the article pretty much dropped off the radar. I am calling that “The Digg Effect”. It wasn’t highly Dugg, so once other articles came out it got buried fast. No big deal though, because I don’t want Geekazine to be known as a “One semi-hit wonder”.

The site sees some steady numbers and it is still growing. Before that article, Geekazine was about to surpass last months viewership. The article gave it a good nudge past it, like a canister of nitro in a racecar. Thanks to all who Dugg the article.

Tuesday was the premier of a new segment called “Get Certified”, where we take 5 questions you would see on a Certification exam and review. Last week was A+ and this week we will go through Active Directory. If you would like to submit questions or help out on this, feel free to give me a call or email. I am happy to answer any questions.

Dorkazine got a redesign on Wednesday. I was thinking about matching the look of Geekazine, but felt it needed to be a bit different. I like the design look on the new Dorkazine and am planning on putting more content on the site. If you know of anything that should be added to the site, let me know.

I am not playing music this week and that is weird. Not having to prepare for a show and sitting back and relaxing. I wish that was true. It means more work to accomplish. I have no issues with doing that, I like my job!

My Snare DrumOne thing I did do was rebuild my snare drum. I went over to the music store to get new tension rods. Brent had some new drum lugs that I got at a primo price. I instantly put them on my snare drum. It not only looks cool, but it sounds a lot better. Check it out on my Flickr account.

That’s it for now. Next week will be just as intense as I have a couple clients to work with, the LIVE SHOW on Monday will be a shorter show because a friend is moving away and we will be sending him off in style. Please check out all the podcasts either here or at techpodcasts.com

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