Captain America stirs up more anticipation for The Avengers

This is it, the last of Marvel’s single superhero focused that started way back in 2008 with Iron Man in a attempt to bring them all under one universe and set up The Avengers. So how does Captain America, a hero that could be argued is nothing more than a walking flag stand up to the other giants that have come before him?

Plain and simple, this movie is fantastic. The movie’s pacing is absolutely brilliant, giving us plenty of time with pre-super serum Steve Rogers to learn what is behind the iconic Captain America. We are given a show of what a good and courageous person he is and why he was chosen above others who were much more qualified for becoming the first super soldier. That doesn’t mean this movie is without it’s action. From moments after Steve Rogers is injected with the serum the movie is action packed with Captain America taking down the bad guys with his shield.

This movie has things for everyone. I went with a mixed group of people who enjoy comics, die hard fans of Captain America, and those who haven’t picked up a comic before in their lives. Everyone walked away happy. It not only does a great job as a super hero movie, but it’s a good movie in its own right. Giving people who aren’t familiar with the source material time to catch up, and giving comic fans plenty of Easter eggs if you are looking hard enough. (Hint: it starts early)

Now all we have to do is wait until next summer to see all of these movies hard work be put to the ultimate test with The Avengers. I know I’ll be lining up day one. Oh, and if you don’t already know; wait until after the credits, you’ll be glad you did.

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