Datrium DVX Open Converged Build Day

Want to know more about Open ? Want to be able to install a into your data center? That is where Build Day Live comes in.

We’re in Sunnyvale, CA at Datrium to install the DVX into our vSphere environment. As always, we’re here all week dry running the installation to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then we wipe the system clean and install in front of your eyes.

Our friend Keith Townsend (CTO Advisor) is also here to interview the execs, so you get the full picture.

About Datrium

Datrium focuses on Open Convergence for private clouds. They coined the term to break free from Hyperconvergence, due to how they address limitations in virtual infrastructure. Open Convergence allows for high-performance apps to get the resource it needs, while giving customers an easier budget to work with building their systems.

About Build Day Live

Build Day Live was started to give people a chance to see how infrastructure was installed in a non-standard environment. Armed with our own “Data Center in a Box”, we install hardware and configure the environment.

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