Don’t Forget to “Fall Back” – Clocks Back 1 Hour on Nov 7th


DST - Set back 1 hour on 11-07-10

If you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings Time, then it’s time to change the clocks.

Fall back; Spring forward. Since it’s fall, we take it back one hour. You get an extra hour of (unless you’re up until the rooster calls), as 2PM on Sat. Nov 6th becomes 1 AM.

Need to figure out how your , microwave or stove gets set? Check out a handy little site from Retrevo, which shows you how to set your clock back.

For those of you with an , Europe had a problem with DST. The clocks didn’t set the right. Therefore, you might want to have an alternate standing by Monday morning.

Have a great weekend of fun and don’t forget to fall back. Otherwise you’ll be at work way too early on Monday.

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