E-Ink Digital Sticky Note System

Omylis has created the digital display, which is unique because it offers a connected way of keeping families and work associates informed of important dates or updates. This can be done without the usual mass emails or messages. Let’s say that you put it on the fridge. It allows notifications to be seen by multiple people as they pass by the fridge, keeping everyone up to date with what is going on.

The device works by incorporating an display that will display a short amount of text that it receives via a connected device. This can include information from SMS messages, notifications and more. You can place it on the fridge, wall, a table,almost anywhere. This keeps everyone informed about updates in a streamlined and casual way. Put it in high traffic areas.

This is a unique and somewhat more personal way of trading info. The Missmo digital sticky note display uses very little power as well, so it will last for up to two months on a single charge,which is helpful, because it means that it’s always ready for use. You wouldn’t want to have to recharge it once a week. You can back Missimo via Kickstarter right now.

via Geeky-Gadgets

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