Five Ways to Get Your Twitter or Facebook Noticed (or at least, not annoying)

Recently, I have been seeing some really annoying posts on or . With Twitter, I see a lot of cryptic @ and # messages and with – well, some of them are just annoying. There is a group out there whose title is the same 5 words repeated 15 times. So when someone likes the group, I see:

Joe Somebody likesI wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool-I wanna be cool

(I made that group up because the group that I see has a profane word in the title – That, and I don’t want you to like that group…)

If you want your Twitter or Facebook posts noticed, here are five rules to help out.


K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple Stupid

You want to have your post read, then follow the rules of Twitter – 140 characters or less. It really makes you think what to write. I have noticed a more critical eye in my writing simply because I cannot expound on anything. I notice redundancies and correct. For example, a lot of articles in the past I wrote:

…that the….

There are more instances (like in this sentence where I would have wrote “There are a lot more instances”  in the past). Being observant in what you type helps the overall writing.


Start with the statement

I saw a post on Facebook last week (changed to protect the innocent)

“Hey, if you want to come over to the shop, we have a lot of computers for you. If you mention the “Sell me an awesome computer mate”, you will get a 20% discount. Must be 10-11 AM. ”

I would have left by the 10th word. Instead, I would write:

“20% discount off computer – Come in 10 to 11 AM and say “Sell me an awesome computer mate”


Don’t Yell (All )

Yelling on Facebook or Twitter could get your profile removed. Just like in Chatrooms, the etiquette is to not yell.


How Cryptic are You?

@bob said that #cool #beans are the best. #CBATB

I am finding that some people have a hard time reading that – especially those not on Twitter. Facebook has added a caveat stating that it will resolve @, but if the Twitter name is different than the Facebook name, it might not happen. More so, it might resolve to someone else’s profile. Instead, I would write:

@bob says Cool Beans are Best. #cool #beans

Put the hashtags at the end, unless you are at your 140 limit. Then space them out a bit, like so

On the 20th, we are having a #tweetup. Bring your devices and tweet @geekazine was here. You could win a Getaway to #vegas.


Don’t overdo it. Especially #Follow Friday (#FF)

Posting it once is good. In the twitter world, posting a second time later in the day is acceptable. Posting every hour is just annoying. Once again, I will delete  those who do.

One thing I always say if you decide to #FollowFriday – Give a reason. For instance, I will tweet:

#followfriday @caffination – He talks coffee, bacon and Legos. @tctpodcast – Cool tech stuff. @bwana – Gaming information.


If you follow these five simple rules, you might get some better responses on your social network blog. Don’t overthink and don’t overdo. You might get more people reading and replying.

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