Ford Session Breakout, Day 2 – #fordtrends

Day 2 of the event started at an early as we started with a great breakfast. It was needed, for we were off to different sessions throughout the day. 5 sessions in all, we got to chose three.

The first session was on Emerging Technology. The host was Paul Hochman and the discussion was about how technology is changing. He pulls out an iPhone and mentioned how it revolutionized the world. But now it’s going to change as all technologies implement touch.

“It was more human in it’s interaction with the customer. ” Hochman says “I have a 2 1/2 year old named  Oscar. Oscar has figured out a way not only to completely scramble everything in my , but also get access to all the pictures. He knows that if he does this (swiping fingers across), the pictures will move to the next picture. He knows there is a little triangle to start the video. He also knows how to change the password…”

These actions are human. Touch is the beginning, but voice is the new touch. Moving forward, the next voice will be gestures. Microsoft Kinnect recognizes without touch.

So how does this adapt to a car?

“The more specialized an animal is, the closer it is to extinction. The more likely the animal is to only exist in it’s narrow world, it’s perfect – but the second that world changes, the animal is in big trouble. It cannot adapt.”

Ford sees that it’s time to change with the environment. With that, Paul introduces the panel. Julius Marchwicki – Product manager of Sync mobile Applications, Jim Wiskowski – Ford Research for Electical Products and Bridget Richardson – Voice Technologies.

My Session #2 was about Trends in cars. This panel will be highlighted in a later video, but we talked about what people expect in cars. Are luxury cars the thing of the past? Everyone wants the custom paint.

CEO Alan Mulally

During lunch we talked about a Greener car. Parts made from bio-degradable items like Soy and Wheat.  No more foam that would sit in a Landfill.

The third session for me dealt with a series of 10 minute “How do they” spots. We learned about how they make the most comfortable seats, how they test vehicles using Virtual reality – they had a mock-up where the VR would see how a person got into and out of a car. They showed how they made the sound inside the car better, then finally we saw how chocolate was made… I mean how they made parts using chocolate as a demonstration.

After a small rest, we went into town for dinner and a show. The Filmore was where we stopped to hear a band called Head and Heart. But first we heard from Pandora founder Tim Westergren, then Gracenote CTO Ty Roberts led a panel with Bob Stuble from iBiquity, members of the band and members from the band, Mike Aragon from and a member of Universal. They talked about how music is changing and how the car is helping with that.

Head and Heart

After a small concert from the band, I took a small walk around the area. After all, I was across the street from Tiger Stadium. Finally, it was back to the hotel to frantically work and get posts up (that’s what happens at these things).

More videos will be coming soon, but for now, this is the first panel session with Paul Hochman.

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